Snapchat Proves that the Gaming Industry is… Freaking Awesome!
2 min readJul 4, 2016


With all the hardwork that we put into making our games perfect, and navigating through the typhoon that is a constant changing industry, we forget…

…that our jobs are awesome!

If you are ever having doubts, and need to put your career into perspective, then I suggest you do so by using this brand new amazing thing called…

…Snapchat!’s Snapchat Logo!

The best way to appreciate one’s own career is to, if only for brief moment, exit it. Metaphorically of course, I am in no way of advocating that you temporarily quit your company in the name of Snapchat. However, being on the outside looking in, enables you to see just how lucky you are to work in an industry where Monday meetings revolve around hopping over Goombas, and balancing Hadouken attacks!

Just another Monday.

When ever you are around your office, just take a snap! You’ll notice how your followers will immediately like it! Why would they do this? It’s just your lobby! We’ll, maybe it’s because you have Storm Trooper & a “Staircase to Nowhere” just lying around! That’s not something you’d find in the breakroom of Office Max or the common area of a Bank of America!

Staircase To Nowhere!

Actually, the best way to truly put this in position is to take snaps at those pesky conferences that you’re always forced to attend. Take a few random snaps of E3, GDC, Casual Connect, Pax Prime, or god forbid that boring thing called The San Diego Comicon!

I Move Fast!

You’ll notice that there will be lots and lots of likes; as well as follows. Just based on your work surroundings. Look, if others are interested in watching our day-to-day work habits then we must have great careers. Unless of course you do spend your time watching videos of Office Max employees…then by all means, feel free to apply!

(I don’t suggest watching this)

Shameless Plug!

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