What are your dreams?

There are over 1000 college majors, Why did you go premed?

What could possibly be attractive about going to medical school besides the potential 6 figure salary, networking & educational opportunities & helping people? Believe it or not, there are millions of reasons that people opt to go premed over every other major. I can’t speak for everyone, by none of my own personal reasons are listed above. This is mainly due to the fact that multiple careers make 6 figures, I’ll receive an education regardless of my major & I can help people doing a ton of other things besides being a doctor. But if all of these things are true, then why be a doctor?

How many people do you know that are affected by or infected with hepatitis, HIV or AIDS, herpes, or any of the 214 diseases on the infectious diseases index available? Truthfully, yet sadly we all know at least 1 person; whether they have disclosed their status to us is another story.

The real reason I want to be a doctor is to provide something to people that most Americans can’t buy, to connect with people on a nonjudgmental & non stigmatized manner; not only a doctor, but a friend. I know I could’ve chosen any career field, but would those fields directly effect the stigmatism’s that people with infectious diseases face directly from the healthcare system ? Likely not. Besides, I’ve never had a doctor that I genuinely connected with or that could make me laugh without coming off as corny.

I have read hundred of articles and anonymous statements from people explaining extremely belittling and embarrassing situations where if their status is disclosed they’re kicked out of a doctors office, given ridiculous reasons as to why they can’t receive medical care, or are never given advice about how to disclose their status to their partners, children or families. And it honestly breaks my heart that no one is considering how this new news will alter a patients life forever. No one is taking the time to say “I understand you are overwhelmed at the moment, I understand that you may want to be alone, but when you are ready to talk, call me. This is a lot to sort out and process, so when the time is right & you’re ready to talk to someone who can give you insight on your new situation, just know that I am here.”

If we could all be the person that we needed when we felt depressed or overwhelmed for other people, then maybe we could help our neighbors, friends & families work through horrible situations in a positive way. I’m not saying I can fix everything that’s wrong, or even make the people that I meet look at life the way that I do. All I’m saying is, I have a dream. My dream is end stigmatism’s attached to infectious diseases & to lower the rates of depression, anxiety & suicide within those communities.

What is your dream?