My journey as an entrepreneur against many odds.

I’m Greg Christine, Founder of Players Coach.

I have been debating for sometime whether I should write about this journey of entrepreneurship which I decided to jump into, and after today’s events I think it’s only proper to write about this experience

Let’s just get this out of the way, I am a non-technical, BLACK, sports startup founder. That puts me quite a bit further down the mountain of Entrepreneurship Success than many other people, but I love a challenge and being a former collegiate athlete I accept the challenge as a part of the process and a journey that should be viewed as fun.

I started Players Coach with one goal in mind: Help other athletes improve in high school to increase the chances they get a scholarship. I started out as a walk-on offensive lineman and finished as a 2-year starter and scholarship recipient.

From that experience I wanted to give back my knowledge to other young athletes who might be considering the same path and help them improve before college to get them a scholarship earlier than I did.

This has already been a fun journey and I look forward to you joining me on the ride.