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The Pitch Deck: Airbnb’s first deck

Nicole Gravagna

I’ve taught more founders how to pitch than I care to recall. Sometimes there’s a beautiful transformation of the founder and the pitch after coaching (usually there is). But sometimes the experience tests my patience and I go home feeling like a mean person. It’s all worth it when the company cl… (more)

What Billion Dollar Companies Look Like at Series A

Terrence Yang


potentially big ideas are often not obvious at the Series A stage.
Some startups that seem poised for greatness go on to crash-and-burn, while others that are slow to get off the ground surprise everyone with their triumph. There is no formula, expectations are often wrong, and each succes…


Noam Kaiser on What Series A VCs Look for in Startups These Days

Terrence Yang

What do Series A VCs look for in startups these days?

Noam Kaiser, Principal @ Gemini Israel Ventures, Early Stage VC

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One thing that is always sought after is the signals that the founder team is on top of… (more)

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