What exactly does Decentralized mean

The fundamental pillar of all that is cryptocurrency. It is an economy beyond reach of taxation and governmental control. As a whole it is an economy foreign to us against the great dollar we’ve all come to know.

Why does it matter to me?

It matters in this world, your world and is the very evolution and birthing of a market that is free.

We are a mass that often falls into the snare of complaining and in this sphere we find ourselves never quite changing. So then if I were to say today is that day, more often than not you would turn the other way. We are hardwired for disbelief that nothing in this world is truly free.

We long for it though with every bit of our existence. Every fumbled and hardly able mustered sigh of why when the bills roll in and we never seem to have enough time.

Privacy is a commodity it seems in a world which holds record to everything.

Herein lies the importance of properly defining what decentralization means and it’s impact on the unfolding digital economy.

Akin with the available definition it is the transference of authority and which system solely governs it.

It is the exchange of mass power from the hands of the few to the hands of the many. A transference of impeccable proportions that will steer the future course of our humanity. This is an age and subject that will be left from no history book.

The blockchain is not governed by a single entity; not small or of mass proportions, unlike the puppet strings forever danced by the corporate reach.

Cryptocurrency far outreach the drawn american boundaries. They are the lovely pardoning coins of the entire decentralized global economy. As shocking as it may seem the ability to orchestrate with the entire world in the means of a free economy is beyond the emergence stage. It is booming. Therein lies the possibility of money unstringed. The ability to send funds anywhere in the world anonymously. From your mother, to your friends, far beyond any boundaries defined by men. 
 An economy by essence should be, at every level; free. That which has strings is prone to manipulating and defines the truth of not really being free. It’s what the world wants, what the world needs.