What is Nasdaq- What does their involvement mean?

First and foremost what is Nasdaq?

Well we all have a certain familiarity too some degree about how the stock market works. In this day and age stock exchange is synonymous with Wall Street, and thanks to Leonardo Dicaprio more often than not now, with wolves. Not the sort with fur but in the most placid sense, wolves of men. Nasdaq was the first electronic exchange. A means of digitized trading that was much easier than previous methods.

The second biggest stock exchange in the world. Let that sit for a moment.

Cryptocurrencies are a fad many say with no such thing as stable bearings?Journey into the truth of digital trading and you will find yourself glued to the marvelous ring of impeccable and overlooked news. Many will assume-
 Well I don’t see cryptocurrency on the nightly news and that’s where I get my truth.
Tell me, at what point do you decide to seek for yourself?

Cryptocurrencies already have the eye of one of the world’s largest markets.

Nasdaq on Cryptocurrencies:
“Open to becoming a Cryptocurrency exchange.” 
You can reference this lovely article published by CNBC~

You see the innovators in the space of technology report their opinions on this emerging market as well. When the fundamental means of exchange that has dominated for decades begins publishing about the blockchain only a buried head doesn’t hear anything.

It is not a matter of if with cryptocurrency, it is only a matter of when.