How To Be Sure A File Is Safe Before Downloading It

I once bought this Tecno device whats the name again Tecno P5 (cool device way back), went to a friend on a faithful day to take some movie (i would kill for a movie …not literally ) without taking into consent protection from virus , it did hit me hard unno, loosed all file to a virus which i cursed its maker (was so angry).

That’s just one way you can get attacked by a virus, you can also catch one from just downloading a file online.

Have your device been destroyed by a virus or malware, then you defiantly know the pain of having to lose all files without a backup, how then can we escape this? Safety from them(like a link scan).

Safety from attack today have taken a new, Previously we rely on some antivirus for a scan on our device after a download to detect a virus.

Then the big question is:

What if its a new kind of malware?

Is the antivirus strong enough to fight it (because the harm may have already been done)

All these ques and more…whats the way forward?

Early detection , link scan.

If you are concerned a file might contain some malware, you don’t have to download and wait for an update from your antivirus to detect it, a Link Scan can check the file before you hit download.

Below is a tool with which you can now scan an about to download file with over 60 antivirus engines over the world before download. This is no substitute for all basic online security practice with which you can protect your device from some online threat but a way to perform a more in depth check on a file if concerned.

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Link Scan Tool — Virustotal

Every file have a download link ( online i mean).

This tool provide the option to do a link scan for malware before a download. To perform this, you have to first locate the download link, (not the page address).

How do you get this;

You can see the download link of a file by mousing over the link and looking at its address in your browser.

Right click and select “copy link address” for chrome, “copy link location” for Firefox or just “copy link” in edge browser.

For android users, Hold on the link, the copy pop up should appear where you can now copy its address.

Now head straight to with your browser to perform a link scan (a google tool created since 2012).

Click the URL Tab on the page and paste the copied link into the box followed by clicking the search button or hit enter button if you may.

Your part is done, now, virustotal will download the file to its server and perform a link scan on it with quite a number of antivirus engines.If the file have already been scanned, You will instantly see a scanned result if not, just give it a bit.

Analysis of Result:

If you are displayed with a “no engine detect this URL” report, then you are safe as it means there is no problem with it, kick off your download.


If after a link scan you get a note saying that a number of engines detected the URL as a problem, then we have cause to pause and ask some questions.In some cases, only few antivirus tool have a problem with it(a false-positive report) or it might be unanimous.

Scroll down to see which of the antivirus tools have a problem with it, click on the view more details tab to see comments about the URL (if Safe or not) because sometimes after a link scan, the URL might be flagged for including some crap-ware, which can be easily bypassed by your firmware.

Did you scan a webpage rather than a download link?

if So, you will see an icon bearing “downloaded file” click on it to see more analysis on the file.

For my PC users you can make this link scan process easier by including this into your extensions on your browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Firefox, hence you just have to right click a link on your webpage and select the scan option (if you are among the “how i hate copy and paste crap” like me).

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If the link scan produce a unanimous report, then that is danger at the door (barricade the door, incoming !!!

), if a mixed result (not the very red alert type) then you should be careful, move forward to see more details about it thus examining your result.

If Clean, what’s the wait, hit the ball hard just like Valencia did against Everton (did you watch that match, was wow).

Stay Safe, Browse Safe, Download Safe.

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