How To Watch Live Football Match On Android

Meet David,

Amongst many things I do enjoy watching football happen to be one of them(The Reds being my club)

Get in this scenario with me;

Let’s say my Cable Subscription just happens to expire on a match day and i probably don’t want to get out the house to watch that el clasico , what should i do?

Oh, and this too

I find yourself in that area where i just can’t access a television at the moment possibly due to distance or lets say work.

Why should I feel so bad when I do have my android Device With Me (android all the way


On this Article I would be showing you different ways on How To Watch Live Football Match On Android with ease using some applications.

And here comes the Data bundle issue;

Just as we all know, data might be quite a problem (most especially for folks here in Nigeria).

Watching a live match needs your data active.

So, Here is My advice:

Get the best data bundle in town or connect to a Wifi connection to be able to stream a match either online or with an app.

Lets Get to know the best apps which can connect to that live match with ease giving the best connection without stream errors.

How To Watch Live Football Match On Android

Using an android device, streaming can be as easy as just downloading the right app.

Which is the right app?

There exist so many Apps which can assist in watching live football matches online, The right app is that which is compatible with your device, no stream errors, and less data consumption. Would be introducing some of those apps starting off with the best in the game.


Amongst many apps for video streaming(including live matches) Mobdro player still remains one of the best over time.

And here is the catch;

Mobdro application is a free app through its great features, you just have to keep your internet connection in place then you are good to go in streaming some cool TV channels right from your android device.

Installing this app isn’t quite a big deal, just fellow steps below to get it installed on your device.

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How To Watch Live Football Match On Android Using Mobdro

Before getting this app on your device you need to get your device configured to to download applications outside Google play store (If you have checked before now, Mobdro don’t exist on Google playstore)

Just Head straight to settings=> security and get the unknown sources box checked.

You are now good to go on getting mobdro installed.

Just as I said earlier, mobdro app dose not exist on google playstore therefore getting this app on your device would be through their web page.

Start downloading by clicking the large download icon on your screen and you will be followed by the download progress notification screen

After Download, your device will ask if you would like to install the app, click on next to start the installation process.

Now we are ready to start using Mobdro on our device. Uninstalling the app is also through the normal process of uninstalling an app.

What You should Know about Mobdro

For sometime now many are faced with some streaming issue or the “cant play video link” when using the app to stream videos online

This is why;

After some research have discovered that some channels in mobdro have streaming link issue most especially those presented at the top of any category, lets say the Sports category.

Lets Solve This issue;

To solve this, you are advice to move downward on a category, you would notice that some channels are repeated on the channel list, so instead of choosing to stream using the first on the list, find its alternative link.

Your problem is solve, go on enjoying this great app.


With this application you can watch your favourite channels on your android and tablet upon downloading. You get to watch channels of categories ranging from;

  • Movies
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Sports
  • Documentary
  • Kids shows and lots more.

Here is the Good:

With UKTVnow you get to select to watch your videos either in HD format or in low quality thats with low internet speed thereby saving data too in a way.

Lets get to know how to download and use this application.

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How To Watch Live Football Match On Android With UKTVnow

Now let learn the downloading and installing of this app on our device.

Fellow these steps carefully to download and install this amazing app on your device.

Setting Your Device For Download

  1. On your android mobile, go to your Settings option.
  2. Among the list of options select on the “security” option.
  3. Allow installation of third parties app by checking the “Unknown sources” box
  4. Some device might also present the option “Verify apps” , you should uncheck the box for verify app but when not presented with the option, ignore.
  5. Move forward to download MX Player on your device for playing the channels. If you already have that, no need downloading it again.
    Last step,
  6. Restart your android device and move forward to download the app

Downloading The App

Download and install the app on your android device and start enjoying live channels including live football matches for free (sorry data charges don’t count in the “free” word)

You can download Uk Tv Now by following the link.

And that’s it, start enjoying this cool app on your device

Note: You can get this app on your PC too using an android emulator on your laptop #Techrector

Now the question on How To Watch Live Football Match On Android can be answered with this app

Here is another application to help you stream your live channels for free on your device.


Ways on How To Watch Live Football Match On Android have the app sports tv included.

This is Amongst the best apps for streaming matches from your android device for sports lovers(like me).

Using this amazing app, here is what you get

An application quite as good as mobdro player giving you access to sports event which include;

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis,
  • Wrestling
  • And other cool sporting events.

With this app, you get to cover football leagues like the German league, Italian League, English Premiership, French league and not forgetting The Champions league.

Doing that with no error in play and a good picture quality.

Let me tell you more (as I like giving all)

Here is the good about this app:

It Supports both 2G and 3G network.

Clear picture and sound.

Channels are categorised and

Quite an easy app to install.

How To Watch Live Football Match On Android Using Sports TV

  1. To use this app get it downloaded and installed on your device(the android way)here
  2. Switch your data connection on (should have an internet bundle preferably a Wi-Fi connection)
  3. Run this app allowing it to load all channels upon first run of the app.
  4. Upon loading of all channels, click on a channel to play it

Note: To use this app you need to have an mx player downloaded on your device to view the channels.

You will get different sports channel upon loading, football channels inclusive.

Enjoy for free these amazing apps having your mobile device be not only be you TV but a smart one at that.

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This is it on solving that issue of missing a match due to either power outage or probably not close to viewing centre (or whatever the case might be) using your android device.

And this is the list of the best applications on How To Watch Live Football Match On Android giving you a wonderful time watching your football team play anywhere you find yourself (else no network signal shows up), They where hand selected and can give the best viewing experience for free on your device.

So over to you, (let me do the Facebook question), What’s on your mind?. Share with me what you think about these apps and if have been using any,whats your experience with them.

Having any issues?, TechRector can help you out, feel free to drop your questions.

Don’t leave without sharing, be the one to get the word out to your friends, someone might just be looking for this.