We’re Hiring — Adding an Analyst to the Precursor VC Team

We are hiring our first ever Analyst to join the team here at Precursor Ventures. When I started the firm back in 2015, I started on my own and was fortunate to add Sydney Thomas to the team. She has made immense contributions to our firm and it’s time to add the next member to our small but mighty team.

The job application is live and available here. We are hoping to get a wide variety of applicants and there are no requirements to apply. This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in getting an entry-level opportunity in venture capital. In addition to the application criteria, we wanted to provide some qualitative feedback on what we value and what we can offer with this role.

What We Value for the Analyst Role

There are three things that we value and hope to see in the candidates who apply for this role:

Intellectual Curiosity

We are a generalist firm that invests in a wide variety of industries and companies. We are looking for people who are enjoy learning new things and are comfortable with the challenges that come with exploring new markets and industries from scratch.

Diverse Backgrounds and Previous Experiences

We are open to applicants who have a wide variety of previous experiences. We do not require previous experience with startups, venture capital or finance in order to apply and we encourage people whose academic training, personal journey or previous professional experience are outside of the status quo in venture to apply.

Problem Solving Mentality

This is the first time we have added an Analyst to our team. While we have put a lot of thought into what the role will entail, there will be opportunities to solve new problems or improve processes — we are looking for someone who has a knack for identifying and solving problems.

What We Can Offer

If you decide to join us in the Analyst role, here is what I believe we can offer you:

Opportunity to Learn about the Venture Capital Industry

We are committed to teaching you the ins and outs of the venture capital industry and providing opportunities to meet other VCs, startup founders and others who are important players in the venture capital ecoystem.

Opportunity to Leave Your Mark on Our Startup VC Firm

We still have a lot of work to do to build Precursor into the firm that we want it to become. There is ample opportunity for you to make contributions to the firm’s operation and strategy.

Support in Your Personal and Professional Development

We are committed to supporting you in your personal and professional development. We will support you in learning how to become effective in this role and work with you to think about what your future career plans may hold.

If this role sounds interesting to you, please apply here!

Charles Hudson
Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures