Frequently Asked Questions by Dental Patients

1. I’ve heard horror stories. Are root canals as bad as everyone says they are?

While the term “root canal” can send a shiver down your spine, the procedure itself is typically not painful at all! In fact, in many cases, the root canal itself will relieve a toothache. The dentist will always administer numbing medicine to ensure there’s no feeling and aside from listening to the sound of the suction and corny 80s hits in the background, there’s hardly any discomfort. “Patients typically hear over exaggerated stories told by friends or on erroneous Internet blogs, but the best source for answers regarding dental procedures is your local dentist or their staff” says Dr. Ovsanna Grigoryan, top dentist of Howard County. If a root canal is in the stars for you, be sure to ask all the necessary questions to your dentist and ask for any reading or visual material to help you understand the procedure in more detail.

2. Is teeth whitening harmful to teeth?

The concept of brightening your smile in a relatively inexpensive manner and sometimes without the involvement of your dentist just…..sounds too good to be true, right? Perhaps….but not exactly. Teeth whitening is proving to cause no significant harm to the teeth and can be used safely at home or professionally by your dentist. BUT…Most doctors, however, do not recommend any teeth whitening for patients with gum or periodontal disease as the active ingredient may further irritate the soft tissues. Consult with your dentist to be sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening!

3. Are electric toothbrushes better than manual ones?

Proper oral hygiene is still very much possible with a manual toothbrush but electric toothbrushes certainly make it easier. These brushes are the latest and very popular trend in oral hygiene.They spin and vibrate, they time you and let you know when you’re pressing too hard, they can even connect to your phone or tablet and track your oral hygiene regimen in an app. There’s certainly benefits to owning an electric toothbrush but maintaining discipline of brushing twice daily and using the right technique to ensure your teeth are brushed effectively is still fully your responsibility.

4. How safe are dental x-rays?

Some folks wonder if dental x-rays could be causing harm to their bodies and if they should perhaps be limited as much as possible. Though dental x-rays do use radiation to capture the images, the amount is so minute that it is equivalent to approximately a day of natural background radiation. With the help of advancing technology, the average 21043 dentist utilizes digital radiography which reduces the amount of radiation by 70–80% on top of that! The information that is obtained from dental x-rays is invaluable to a proper diagnosis so their benefits most certainly outweigh the substantially small risks.

5. Is it safe to have silver fillings or should I have them replaced by composites?

In a conversation with our Ellicott City dentist of 21043, Dr. Ovsanna Grigoryan states that the replacement of amalgam fillings is typically only recommended when there’s a structural problem, decay, or they’re simply not doing their job. “Occasionally patients will request this also for esthetic reasons and some doctors heavily push to have them replaced, but it really all comes down to the patient’s individual clinical needs and preference” comments partner, Dr. Armine Grigoryan. So there you have it! Discuss this with your dentist before making decisions regarding replacing any silver fillings.