Getting Second Opinions

Very few people enjoy going to the dentist and even less so finding out that they need a ton of work done on their teeth. With no dental background or knowledge, how does anyone ever know if it is worth getting a second opinion? Here are a few tips on getting second opinions that might help make the decision.

1. Check with your insurance first! While it may be worth the investment, nobody wants to end up getting a surprise bill for their second opinion. Most insurance providers will only allow up to a certain number of dental exams in a year, and you may end up exceeding that number when you go to a new dentist for a consultation. Checking with your insurance will help you prepare for any additional charges you may have associated with your second opinion visit.

2. Choose an office with multiple providers. Howard County houses a wide variety of dental offices many of which are multi-specialty offices. A local Columbia dentist might be practicing alongside an endodontist or a periodontist or an orthodontist. Doctors in multi-specialty settings tend to bounce ideas off each other to give patients the most optimal treatment.

3. If you’re intimidated by the cost of your treatment…never ever focus all your energy on finding the lowest possible prices. Chances are, most offices will not share their treatment fees over the phone. So when looking for a cheap dentist in 21043, you may want ask your current dental office if they offer payment plans which would work for you. If there is nothing they can help you with in that regard, you may consider a different dentist who may be able to accommodate your financial state.

4. If you’ve been told you need braces, it might be worth going for a second opinion as different orthodontists have different clinical philosophy and approach treatment differently and you may want to have all the different possible options laid out for you before making a final decision. For example, nowadays, Invisalign treatment has picked up in popularity both among patients as well as providers and tends to be the preferred option for treatment whenever possible. For this, you may want to search for a local Invisalign dentist in Ellicott City or Columbia as most orthodontists or general dentists offering orthodontic services do offer free consultations!

5. Be sure to obtain copies of your records (x-rays, any treatment plans, and doctor’s notes) to be taken to the dentist providing the second opinion. Be organized, ask many questions, and allow the doctor and the staff to take their time walking you through all the treatment steps. Remember, simply feeling comfortable and confident about your treatment can already significantly increase its success rate!

Good luck!