How Does Invisalign Work??

Popularity of Invisalign among the young adult population is growing rapidly and perhaps for good reason. As it turns out, Invisalign is an easy to manage and discrete orthodontic option which can yield virtually the same results in most cases as traditional braces!

As the economy in our local Howard County community is boosting, professional adult population growing, and the “straight teeth” smile at its highest demand, Invisalign is entering more and more households and becoming a hot topic of conversation.

So how does it work and what are its benefits over traditional braces? Who provides Invisalign services in the Howard County area and how to find those providers?

To start, there is an increasing number of Invisalign dentists in Ellicott City and Columbia — the heart of Howard County. When searching for orthodontics dentists in MD, 21043 and 21045 are the two zip codes you will find the best trained orthodontists among the top Howard County dentists. Different ways that one could locate a particular Invisalign dentist is either through the Invisalign website, through their insurance company (searching specifically for orthodontists), or by contacting their general dentist to see if they may provide the service in-house or refer to a reputable colleague.

The first visit typically consists of a consultation with the Invisalign provider. At this visit, your provider will ask you a series of questions to better understand your goals and expectations from the treatment. At this visit, all your questions and concerns are met and the doctor may take “records” which include photographs, necessary x-rays, and impressions of your upper and lower teeth which will help them create a model of your teeth and bite to be able to plan your treatment.

Your second visit will consist of a thorough explanation of your treatment and approximate length of time it will take. At this time, final impressions will be taken to begin fabricating your Invisalign trays and your treatment will begin! You will be given a series of trays to wear — changing them approximately every 2–4 weeks and wearing them for about 22 hours a day. These trays are clear and very discrete, easy to keep clean, and much kinder to your gums and teeth allowing you to maintain proper oral hygiene.

The results of Invisalign are very close to and at times even better than those of traditional braces. It can give you the smile you have always wanted without any metal, wires, brackets, or rubber bands that many people, especially young adults, try to avoid.

Find out if you would be a good candidate for this treatment by calling your local Invisalign dentist and setting up an appointment for a consultation!