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Snapchat has recently started letting businesses make custom Geo Filters and use them to their advantage. The hard part is being creative and figuring out a way to have your customers market for you using your custom filter. Since 60% of all U.S. 13–34 year old smartphone users use Snapchat daily, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of this.

Custom Geo Filters

If you own a bar, restaurant or any kind of store front, we recommend you invest in a Snapchat Geo Filter. …

Recently Instagram rolled out their stories feature. It is a complete rip off of Snapchat, and the CEO even admitted to that. It was an interesting direction for Instagram to go, but not unexpected since they haven’t been able to knock Snapchat off it’s podium for some time. I think ever since Snapchat refused a Facebook buyout, Facebook has been waiting for a time to strike.

Now if you just google Instagram Stories at the moment, you will get an overwhelming number of news stories about whether or not it is indeed the Snapchat killer. I took a poll in one of my Social Media Manager groups about what people would use more for their businesses. …

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with an awesome startup that needed some help on their Facebook. When I sat down with them, I was very impressed with what they were running. They had a solid plan in place, their ads looked good but they just weren’t converting. I gave them a few suggestions but the biggest thing I personally took away from the meeting was the sole reliance on social media for sales.

They were running ads, but they weren’t converting to sales. Their ads got a decent CTR and a CPC. It needs way more work, but that’s not the point of this. I want to discuss where they went wrong. A lot of people these days think you can just run Facebook ads and get sales. …

Growing a Google+ account can be more difficult than growing other social media platforms. We’ve seen that gaining 1 Google+ follower can be as tough as growing 10 followers on Twitter. The followers on Google+ will be more targeted and more interested in your brand or industry because anytime someone follows you on Google+ they have to manually click follow. With Twitter or Instagram you can follow mass amounts of people in a short amount of time but with Google+ it isn’t as easy to mass follow people. …

Growing a Twitter account can be difficult and time consuming, a lot of us have experienced this. Even after putting in the time you may find that your time didn’t pay off too well based on how many followers you gained. Or maybe you had a good turnout but find that these aren’t the followers that are interested in your brand or industry.

Using these strategies below will guarantee that won’t happen. Spending at most, ten minutes a day for a week using these strategies will gain you anywhere from 100–400 new followers.


Preferred Social

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