Marketing Campaign Mistakes You May Be Making

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with an awesome startup that needed some help on their Facebook. When I sat down with them, I was very impressed with what they were running. They had a solid plan in place, their ads looked good but they just weren’t converting. I gave them a few suggestions but the biggest thing I personally took away from the meeting was the sole reliance on social media for sales.

They were running ads, but they weren’t converting to sales. Their ads got a decent CTR and a CPC. It needs way more work, but that’s not the point of this. I want to discuss where they went wrong. A lot of people these days think you can just run Facebook ads and get sales. Sometimes you will get lucky and this will happen but generally it won’t be the case.

The question was why weren’t they getting sales?

When I first looked over the site, I noticed that their payment page was all in one, they were collecting potential customer info on the same page they were collecting the payment. You should always avoid collecting information that way. You should break that information into separate pages in case they leave the cart, which a lot of people do. This way you can collect their name and email to follow-up with an email campaign.

The next problem I noticed was that they had a nice lead collection pop-up on their page. This is great, but they weren’t running any type of email campaigns. Once you collect someone’s email you always want to put them on a journey that eventually leads them back to buy your product.

This is especially true, if you have a high value item. People won’t put in their credit card information, if they don’t trust the company or it is relatively new, but they will give you a name and an email. Your email campaign gives you the best chance to help a person go from stranger to customer. Not only that but it gives you the opportunity to educate the customer about why your product is so amazing.

Another big issue was that they weren’t running a retargeting campaign. People often need to see a product a few times before they buy, so always make sure you have this type of campaign on.

Keep all these tips in mind next time you are creating your next marketing campaign! Feel free to email us with any questions!