Steps of pain management

Pain is the most common enemy of man. One can bear a lot of pain because the human body is so built, but physical pain is the best pain that you can hope for. The reason behind this statement is that physical pain is gone after a few days but the pain inside your heart will take a much longer time to heal. The pain management doctors in San Antonio do not treat the inner pain but does treat the best pain possible, physical.

There are a lot of pain doctors San Antonio apparently a lot of people are hurt there. It is one thing to give medicine and treat a pain and it is another thing to do pain management. Pain management includes a lot of other works than just writing a prescription. Pain management involves a complete look into the problem of the patient. There can be many reasons for pain in a body and all reasons have a remedy but to search out the remedy a doctor has to perform a number of tests and other necessary things like giving the patient physiotherapy.

Steps of the treatment:

Step 1

First the patient is diagnosed for whichever part of her or his body is in pain. The diagnosis is done in a clinic by doing a number of tests like blood tests. The report of these tests is then submitted to the doctor and the doctor depending on these reports then recognises the problem. The patient is required to follow a number of instructions depending on the test that she or he has to perform. If the patient fails to adhere to any of the instructions given by the clinic then the test result will be hampered and the treatment will be flawed. So it is the sole responsibility of the patient to completely devote to the clinic’s instructions.

Step 2

Depending on the test reports the doctor is able to understand where the problem lies and then accordingly he writes his prescription. Here too the patient is the one on whom a lot depends. The responsibility of the patient is to take the prescribed medicines on time and in the right dose. If the patient forgets to take her or his med then the treatment may be hampered again. Many pain management doctors San Antonio do ask the patient to even make some changes in her or his diet for the particular medicines that the person takes. In case a patient is insured with Medicaid or any other health insurance the billing of this kind of patient will be different than any general one.

Step 3

If the med do not work and the patient does not show signs of recovery then the doctor asks the person to do physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a very good treatment for pain. In this therapy the patient is required to do certain exercise daily, concentrating on the pain area. Many a times these exercises do make magical effects on people as these are the last weapon of any doctor before the case turns surgical. Here the patient does not have to do much but land up on the proper time at the clinic and take the therapy. These therapies may come for a good price but again as in the previous steps if the patient is insured then the rates go down a lot.

Step 4

If nothing works and the patient is still realizing the pain then there is only one thing left for the doctor to do that no doctor wants for her or his patient that is surgery.