Luxury Record Player Furniture — Stands & Storage

The world of vinyl and record players can be very stylish, fashionable and most of all expensive. For those starting out in this musical hobby space it does not mean spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars on audio equipment and accessories. It is possible to start out small. However there are some who love to live a life of luxury and want something better than the usual products available. This short article is for them, or at least those who plan on being them in the near future.

Take a step back and let’s introduce ourselves. We’re Premier Records — a blog who provides information about vinyl and furniture accessories to the vinyl community. New and old collectors always seem to be looking for ways to store and house their audiophile habit. We’ve created labor intensive guides to show them all the options available on the market and satisfy their needs.

Why then are we blogging on We want to reach a wider audience and secondly these products we’ll be showing you here are a bit too rich for our reader base. Or at least so we think. Heck, some of these record player stands don’t even have a price tag on them and the rest that do, start at $1200 for a piece of furniture. You have to be seriously into vinyl to pay so much for furniture or simply just be rich…

The two best companies to showcase here are Atocha Design and Symbol Audio. Both these companies design and develop state of the art designer furniture pieces for hardcore record player fanatics with deep pockets. Be sure to visit their web pages as you’ll find we’ve linked to both of them above. We have no affiliation with any of these companies at the present moment and are simply showcasing them to you because they are amazing at what they do: create furniture.

Atocha Design

Record stand


The first item we have on the list is called the Record Stand from Atocha Design. It’s built to give you a typical record store feel and is designed mostly for storing vinyl. This piece of furniture design enables the user to easily flip through LP’s and store up to 300 of them.

Current cost: $1275 — $1975 (Cost varies depending on color and finish chosen)

Open/Close Series Record Player Cabinet / Media Console


The Open/Close series offers the owner multiple storage areas for records and well as a stylish sliding shelf for easy display and enough room to house multiple turntables on top. It’s build with Atocha’s classical stylish design elements in mind and is something a serious collector would love, especially because of the functionality it provides.

Current cost: the category products pages states that prices start from $3900 however on the Open/Close Series page pricing is not mentioned. You’ll need to inquire about this piece.

Kick Back Cocktail Record Table


Here’s a record table we just couldn’t ignore. Have you ever seen anything like it? It screams designer build, custom made and high quality! This piece is made from Italian Bolivar veneer dyed in different colors and has the ability to store 120 albums. The metal base makes it very sturdy and the fact that it has so many unusual storage areas for record players and amplifiers is awesome.

Current cost: $9200.

Symbol Audio

Modern Record Console


As far as beautiful designer furniture goes we doubt you’ve seen something like this before. The Modern Record Console is Symbol Audio’s flagship model and has been featured in many publications online. This is complete all-in-one piece that comes standard with a tube amplifier, speaker, subwoofer and more. We won’t be doing it any justice by talking about it any further so be sure to visit Symbol Audio’s website for more info about this console. They’ve got one of the most detailed product description pages we’ve ever seen. You can’t have a list of luxury designer audio furniture without this one.

Current cost: unknown — inquire about price.

Aero Audio & Entertainment Record Player Cabinet


Compared to the Modern Record Console mentioned before this is a much simpler piece from Symbol Audio. However don’t let its simplicity fool you as it’s build with storage, functionality and quality in mind. It has a very unique LP Swivel Bin for storing LP’s, drawer space designed for CDs / 45s, an audio rack and space for a turntable on top. It’s an all in one system most audiophiles would drool over.

Current cost: unknown — inquire about price.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it. These record player stands, cabinets and storage units truly are works of art and in a class of its own. If you’re looking for a few more affordable pieces visit our record player stands page where we list more than 20 different ways of showcasing your turntable and vinyl. For those of you that already have a setup to house your record player we’ve written a separate guide on vinyl record storage here where we also showcase another 20 individual record storage models and plan on growing the list in the weeks to come.

Thanks for reading!

Premier Records