Julián Castro: Representing Our Purpose

A look at the danger threatening the achievements of former HUD Secretary Julián Castro and the Obama Administration

Secretary Castro introducing President Obama at an event in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2015.

In my struggles against the right-wing coup facing the nation, I frequently look up to Julián Castro. He’s the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama and the former mayor of my city: San Antonio, Texas. Liberal New Yorkers always look down on my state and region, stereotyping it as a 100% rural state populated entirely by rednecks, filled with conservatives, and riddled with… incest. Contrary to their belief, that doesn’t even always apply to the large rural area of Texas. In fact, Obama lost to Romey by 15.79% in the 2012 United States presidential election, but Hillary lost only by 8.99% this past election. The counties of Bexar, whose county seat is San Antonio; Cameron, seat Brownsville; Dallas, seat Dallas; El Paso, seat El Paso; Harris, seat Houston; Maverick, seat Eagle Pass; Travis, seat Austin (capital of Texas); Val Verde, seat Del Rio; Webb, seat Laredo; and 18 other counties, all of which have urban populations, voted for Hillary.

Julián Castro is a Democrat. He defies the North’s stereotype of us. Frequently, it is the liberal New Yorker’s view of our region that drowns out the voices in that same region that are just like theirs. San Antonio is the seventh-most-populated city in the United States, but we are frequently disregarded. There were cheers when we surpassed Austin and Dallas in population size. Our mayor was even nominated by the President to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and the Senate approved him. Julián Castro represents the idea of the Alliance, and it is our goal to protect the progress that he and the Obama Administration made. Read this quote from Casto that follows:

“We’ve seen tremendous progress in many ways under President Obama. I mean, if we think about where the economy was when he got in — you know, we were losing more than 700,000 jobs a month. The unemployment rate was skyrocketing. And now it’s at under 5 percent, so there is a lot of progress that has happened.” -Julián Castro

Eight years of progress is threatened by the new Administration. The incoming Cabinet—no members of which have yet to have been refused by the Senate—is the polar opposite of President Obama’s. It’s dangerous enough to have a President that wants to reverse what Obama has done, but what truly frightens me is the fact that we have a President that doesn’t believe that the progress Obama made ever happened. He believes that the first part of Castro’s quote is still happening. From our President’s viewpoint “…we were losing more than 700,000 jobs a month. The unemployment rate was skyrocketing,” means “…we are losing more than 700,000 jobs a month. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing.” The progress that Obama definitely did make will be destroyed by our President’s backward policies that he incorrectly believes will repair our country; since these policies are the opposite of the policies that already rebuilt America, they will undo the very progress that Obama made and our current President believes that he is making. Ask yourself, and genuinely consider your answer, Do I really want to allow the destruction of this?