It Took Me a Year to Write This

Even though I’ve loved writing since I was a kid, giving my writing to the world is terrifying.

When I was only as tall as my computer desk, I spent hours writing plays, stories, and opinion pieces. As I grew older, particularly through college, I began to hate writing. Not only was the writing process stressful, I was intimidated by my professor’s comments and feedback. I was overwhelmed with feelings of incompetence. But now college is over and the fear of writing lingers.

On most occasions, I have an idea that I think is important to write and by the end of the second sentence I talk myself out of finishing the post.

Your voice isn’t important enough.
Your writing isn’t articulate enough. 
Your vocabulary is lackluster.
 No one will even read it. Who are you?
 You’re tired. You worked all day. Your stomach just growled.
There are more important people who are better at writing, publishing the work you want to write about.

My fear of writing is over.

I’m going to contribute my voice to a pool of many voices because what I have to say is important. I’m done seeking validation from comments and likes. My voice is important because I have one.

On improving my writing, I will only become better by writing, editing, seeking feedback and publishing. I tell my students that writing is a process. It’s about time I walk my talk.

So here I am world, in more than 140 characters, and I’m here to stay.

Here’s to 2017 and kicking fear in the face.