5 Dog-Friendly Places to Visit While Staying at Serviced Apartments Central London

London isn’t just for human tourists to enjoy; our canine friends can too. However, not every place in the United Kingdom’s capital is open for dogs.

But don’t fret, because there are still tons of places that welcome our four-legged friends with open arms. From parks to restaurants to even churches, our dogs can sniff their happiness in these canine-friendly places. Don’t forget to check them out while you stay at the serviced apartments Central London.


If you are talking about dog-friendly areas in the city, Battersea usually first comes to mind of Londoners. It is only natural since it is the home of Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s, the most famous and oldest animal rescues in UK.

The 200-acre inner city park has plenty of open spaces and woodland areas for you and your furry friend. You can also see many well-groomed dogs on the area, since this is the dog-walking spot for many West London elites.

You and your dog can also take a break at the La Gondola al Parco by the lake while digging on some home-style Italian food.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, being one of the biggest parks in London, is a must-see landmark with your furry friend. With just a 10-minute ride from your serviced apartments Marylebone, you and your pooch can enjoy walking in this 350-acre park. This park is bustling with flora and fauna, so your dog can even make friends with the vast wildlife here.

You can also do other fun activities in Hyde Park such as riding the Serpentine boat, playing tennis, cycling and skating on the pathways.

Shake Shack

Don’t let your dog go for a walk on an empty stomach. For your doggy meal needs, Shake Shack is your one stop shop.

Shake Shack welcomes your furry friend with open arms. Dogs can even have their own menu, so you wouldn’t have to worry about what to feed them. To start, treat your four-legged friend with a frozen vanilla custard Pooch-ini with peanut butter sauce. Also make his tail wag with a tasty red velvet dog biscuit.

You can find the nearest Shake Shack in Stratford, Covent, and New Oxford Street.

The Society Club

If art and books are your things, then visit The Society Club with your furry friend. The Society Club is a combination of a bookstore, gallery, and cocktail bar which will certainly give a unique experience.

Enjoy reading a collection of books while your dog feasts on some organic dog food and liver treats. You can also drop by and unwind on a Friday night while sipping some cocktails.

Westminster Abbey

Another great landmark you can visit is the Westminster Abbey, one of the greatest churches in the world. Its rich history would surely pique your interest while being amazed with its architectural splendor.

The good news is Westminster Abbey also welcomes canine visitors. Just make sure your furry friend behaves inside the church’s majestic interior.

The abovementioned sites are only a few of the dog-friendly places you can visit in the city. The next time you visit these places, take your furry friends and let them experience the greatness of London.

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