Experience Rainy Season while Staying at Holiday Apartments in London

Bad weather doesn’t have to be a bad day. You don’t have to stay at your holiday apartments in London the entire day just because it is raining. Check out these fun activities that you can do during the rainy season.

Visit the Capital’s Museums and Galleries

London has plenty of museums and galleries all over the place. If you get caught in the rain, take the opportunity to learn more about the city and take refuge in these educational places.

From historical to science museums, London offers tons of museums to teach tourists of their rich culture. Many art galleries in the United Kingdom’s capital are also free. You can wander around the National Gallery or Somerset House if you want to check out some masterful artworks until the rain stops.

Rejuvenate at London Spas

Once the downpour began, you might want to stay and relax at your Presidential Apartments London. But if you want to take your relaxation to the higher level, then try visiting the London spas.

Many of the London spas have pools for relaxation. But if you don’t want to swim around, you may also go for a facial or a relaxing massage. You might also want to rejuvenate your body and have a nice beauty treatment at famous spas such as ESPA Life or K West Spa.

Go on a Shopping Spree

London also offers the best shopping centers in the world. If you are going to wait for the rain to stop, then you might as well visit the shopping malls in the city.

When it comes to shopping, Westfield shopping malls just got you covered. They have the major designer outlets and high street labels. You can also find tons of restaurants and huge food courts in Westfield.

You might also want to check out other huge department stores like Harrods. Also, Oxford Street just got many flagship branches and is lined with high street labels.

Movie Marathon at the Cinemas

If you want to see a movie while waiting for the rain to stop, then Leicester Square is your destination. Most London film premieres are screened here.

You might also visit other big cinemas such as Prince Charles, which offers lower rate tickets, or watch a movie in the Westfield shopping malls. The Science Museum also offers movie screening, which can let you enjoy a movie and visit the museum at the same time.

Go See Theatrical Plays and Musicals

London theaters are among the best ways to avoid the inclement weather. Watch a play or a musical while waiting for the weather to clear up. Most shows start in the middle of the afternoon and finish before the night.

You can also take a peak on the behind the scenes of these theaters. Discover the history behind the famous buildings and learn more about the most famous actors and actresses as you let the rain pass.

Drink and Dine at the Best Pubs and Restaurants

When it is raining, comfort eating can be another way to overcome the bad weather. Visit the pubs or restaurants near your apartment in London for a good drink and meal. Savor the authentic London cuisines or have a pint of real ale as you gaze at the raindrops pouring on the place’s window pane.

These are only a few of the many activities you can do during the rainy season. So don’t let the rain douse your fun London trip.

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