Travel Sutra, A Form Of Self-Discovery

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” -Danny Kaye

We travel not only to explore the globe but also to delve into ourselves and to feel the unknown. There are a plethora of experiences that await us. Taking a journey is a whole new experience in itself, and time or place does not matter as much as desire does. Life is mundane and to escape this monotony, one must travel. Frequent travelers are usually overcome by the impulse to wander. Wanderlust, as we call it. They are smitten by the geography that is unknown to them, by the people they will meet and by the culture they will learn. There are lands explored and lands yet to be. There are 29 states & 7 union territories in this country that have so much to offer to someone who possesses the thirst.

When we plan a trip we dream about it for days. Imagining how it would be, the moments running in our heads. Dreaming about how the beach would look like at sunset, how the food will taste, what clothes will we wear and the list is endless. A backpacker wants to travel on a shoestring budget and mingle with the locals while a luxury traveler wants to go to the mountains where there is no one else but him. Studies show that frequent travelers are better planners and blend in with the crowd easily. We get a chance to be free from all the stress of the life we leave behind, to find ourselves, and to experience the scenes which were on a screen a while back. To see the real world from a new, fresh dimension, nothing to stop you from pushing the zoom button outside the picture. The real picture becomes much more than what it was when seen from the screen of a cell phone or a laptop.

But the real question is, whether people travel for themselves or for others? The globetrotters who share their travelling experiences are a new age “travel bloggers”. This is the new trend and some do it to share their personal experiences while the others just want recognition on the social media. We feel that travelling should be done for personal growth, as it definitely provides rejuvenation to the self. But of late, the self-has become more of the “social self” and what image others construe of us decides our self-worth .We feel that the travelling part, we do for ourselves. The sharing on the Internet part is a choice. This is also educating in a way as the common man gets to know the opinion of a third party who has no self-interest in writing good about a place worth travelling. But all this is secondary. What is important is that travelling makes us independent, clears our mind about our likes and dislikes and always leaves us with something to look forward to. Something to blow our mind.

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