Inspirational Current

Inspirational Current

By Guitarist Christopher Stuart

I have the kind of mind that cherishes and thrives in the moment. Whenever I embrace the guitar the ambience and aura that surrounds me expands, and broadens my creative mind. I no longer feel constricted, or the need to defy what is. The guitar evokes emotions that don’t rely on the ego; it eradicates my desire to stonewall the mysteries of music and its origin. I must surrender to this power that defies conventional thoughts. To compose music for the guitar doesn’t require thought or methodical action; it only requires that I allow myself let go and not resist.

The ultimate source of creativity cannot be available to me if I’m not willing to exonerate the preconceived notions of what I define as inspiration. The source of creativity that enables me to compose for the guitar is much more powerful than I am. It can be compared to a river with an extremely strong current. If I were to fall into such a river, the current would carry me without any exertion of my own. That power is an appropriate representation of inspiration. I have to allow the current to act in its true nature; to resist and try to swim against the current would ultimately result in fatigue, stress, or even prove to be fatal. Resisting inspiration or trying to direct it by my own accord, would only congest the creative space that has been created for me, causing any inspiration to diminish and would create a barrier between me and its source; in the river I could die if I resist for too long, just as I could be cut off completely from obtaining any further inspiration. In my journey down the river I might find rocks to hold onto and allow myself to rest and absorb the creative ideas that had been given to me, and after I had utilized them, I would let go and continue to be in harmony with the inspirational current.

Just like the river’s current, inspiration will lose its momentum and need for me; but I will continue to compose and create music for the guitar with the gifts that I received by not resisting. The inspiration is there for me to take, but I must be present and observe when it is in front of me. David and Tom Kelly, authors of “Creative Confidence”, describe how to receive inspiration; “How do you come up with all those ideas?”. A common way we’ve found to increase “idea flow” is based on one of the core principals of inquiry — pay attention. Closely observing the world around you can often be the key to noticing something new, novel or inspirational. (Exploratorium. (2015). Retrieved September 22, 2016, from

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The only way to know what it’s like to be inspired is to be present, aware, and develop an unrelenting desire to make new discoveries about the world. When you are acting on your true gift and destiny you will never grow tired of it, or cast it aside, it will compel you and motivate you to no end, and ultimately inspire you.

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