Why I’m Picking the iPhone 8 Plus over the iPhone X

Sometimes the top isn’t the best choice.


If you have been living under a rock, on Tuesday Apple announced the iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X. Before we start, both are great devices and will last you a very long time (Assuming you take care of it). But this year, rather than going for the top of the line, latest and greatest (and expensive) iPhone X, I am opting for the step down iPhone 8 Plus. Here’s why.

The 8 Plus and X Are Nearly Identical

On paper, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are nearly identical. Both phones contain the same specs. They have the same A11 Bionic Chip, M11 motion coprocessor, neural engine, 12MP camera sensors (Except there is a slight difference with the X), optical zoom, wireless charging, portrait mode and portrait lighting, Im not going to list them all. Essentially the iPhone X only has the OLED and edge to edge display, enhanced front facing camera, slight rear facing camera tweaks, and a slightly longer battery life over the 8 Plus. That’s it.

You are getting nearly the same performance in both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

Face ID Skepticism

Not because of security, but rather on reliability. I don’t doubt that Apple has enhanced facial recognition to the standards that they claimed on stage last Tuesday, but performance is still up in the air. Only until this device is in the hands of everyday users will we see how it really holds up.

I really hope it performs as well as it did on stage. If it does, fantastic! I’ll let others test this out before I make the drop and say goodbye to Touch ID.

Possibility of Significant Changes Within One Year

There is a very high probability of Apple changing the foundation within the iPhone X. Whether that be changes to design, enhancements to Face ID, display changes, its all possible. We won’t know what needs to change until it has some time in the wild. I will wait to see if any changes are made before my next upgrade.

Final Thoughts

I am confident in Apple’s ability to deliver on a brilliant “futuristic” iPhone X. However, nothing is promised in the tech world and anything could happen. For essentially the same performance in the iPhone X, I will be preordering an iPhone 8 Plus tonight. If you want the iPhone X, go for it! Don’t let this stop you, and Im sure its going to be a great device. I’ll wait on the sidelines and see what the next “iPhone X” has to offer.

My favorite GIF from the event.