Bernie and the single payer movement

There is some discussion in the single payer movement about whether we should continue to invest in the Democratic Party after have been let down so many times. Some have suggested that the movement is becoming a wing of the Bernie for President campaign.

My view is I certainly hope we will become a wing of the Bernie for President movement. It is true we have been let down many times before, but not by Bernie. A politician deserves to be judged on their record, and Bernie’s record is one of clear and consistent support for the interests of ordinary people.

But there is another apsect to this, people who do not support their friends won’t have any friends. Politicans, reporters, lobbyists, the whole power structure is watching Bernie’s campaign. They keep saying that single payer is not within the realm of practical politics. Well, it won’t be if Bernie is not nominated. We have an energetic, enthusastic, and capable champion in the person of Bernie Sanders. If we fail to support him we can be very sure no one else will come forward.

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