Bernie Sanders, looking back, looking forward

The New Republic has a wonderful interview with Bernie Sanders. Typically, he is not interested in his campaign’s mistakes, but takes well deserved pride in its achievements. Not so long ago Bernie Sanders was that socialist guy from Vermont. Now he is the most popular politician in America. He has made democratic socialism a mainstream point of view. He shifted the entire Democratic party to the left on issues like healthcare, student debt, and minimum wage. Previously marginal views are now understood to be very popular. All of us who participated in his campaign can take justifiable pride in our achievement.

When I was volunteering for Bernie Sanders in the DC Office I was struck, as so many others, by the relative youth of so many of his supporters. Certainly he had much more silver support than he got credit for, but there is no doubt that he won the hearts of Americans young voters. They did wonderful things, but of necessity, they lacked experience. Part of the reason I wrote my book, The precinct captain’s guide to political victory, was to educate those new to political campaigns, young or otherwise, in the basics of winning elections.

If we are to continue with Bernie’s revolution, if we are to win a brand new congress, millions of people will have to swiftly acquire the basic skills of grassroots campaigns. I hope my book can play a small part on that.