Bernie Sanders never said any such thing

Robin Marty 
Then again, Sanders also has argued that Democrats should concede to conservatives on issues like abortion rights and gun control in order to win more elections, making his backing of Perriello that much more understandable.

Bernie Sanders has never said any such thing, Throughout his Presidential campaign he called for protecting “a woman’s right to control her own body” the most uncompromising pro-reproductive rights language I have ever heard any presidential contender use.

What Bernie has called for is reaching out to conservative voters on solidarity issues such as raising the minimum wage and single payer health care. This article is a grotesque misrepresentation of what Bernie has said. And not just what he says, unlike Perriello, Bernie has a flawless pro-choice voting record.

I think Bernie was wrong to endorse Perriello, but in any case Bernie has an excellent record on women’s issues, not just abortion.

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