Is the Democratic party imploding?

There is such a thing as the NSA, there is such a thing as the CIA, if there had been any improper communication between Trump, or anyone connected to him and some part of the Russian government either the CIA or NSA would know about it and tell Obama, who is still the president. If the FBI had anything Obama, who is still president, could make it public. The fact that there have been no official disclosures is an indication that there is nothing to disclose. This is all hysteria, manufactured by Hillary Clinton and her supporters who cannot accept that they blew it.

It is not just the top of the party that is pushing this conspiracy theory view of the 2016 election, the base in buying into it.

And it gets worse, Senator Chris Murphy, Democratic Senator from Connecticut, is pushing a witch hunt against lefty web sites.

There actually WAS a conspiracy to steal the 2016 election, as Greg Palast documents in his film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. There was a conspiracy to steal the election via voter suppression and racially biased purge of the voter rolls, which Palast documents. Why isn’t Palast giving presentations to Democratic committees all over the country? Why isn’t Markos Moulitsas and other prominent Democratic activists linking to his work? This is a real conspiracy to steal the election that has been well documented. This is about defending the right to vote, so why isn’t the Democratic party, leaders and grassroots, all over this?

This is why I really doubt that the Democratic party can survive. It is not simply that they are down, the lowest point since 1928. As RJ Eskow correctly pointed out, just four years later the Democrats roared back with the New Deal. But this is worse than merely losing. Democrats refuse to look at reality. They refuse to confront the real threats to their future while they invent conspiracy theories.

Why didn’t the Democrats fight voter suppression? There are things that can be done, some of which I explain in my book, The precinct captain’s guide to political victory. Imagine if Hillary Clinton, or any Democratic candidate, had been filmed giving a ride to African American voters to the Division of Motor Vehicles to get their ID so that they could vote? Imagine the electrifying spectacle of of a Democrat protecting ballot access, simultaneously reminding voters that Republicans stand for voter suppression, which is very unpopular. Why won’t Democrats fight this in a very high profile way? This makes me question whether Democrats have a future.

After the 2000 debacle grassroots Democrats came back, working hard to restore their party in 2006 and even greater gains in 2008 only to see their leaders throw it all away. Time and again we have seen the Democratic leadership demonstrate that they are not interested in winning elections, only maintaining control of the party. Can people like that be helped?

Even if progressives win their primary, the national party will undermine them at every opportunity and in the unlikely event that they win the general election, they will not be given good committee assignments and will be continually undermined. Why bother with a party like that?

Rather than continuously fight with a party that simply does not share your values, wouldn’t it make more sense to get active with a party that does share your values and try to make it viable?

To volunteer for the Green Party is tough. If you run as a Green Party candidate you will be instantly marginalized. Your party will have your back, but your party will consist of a dozen people whose annual fundraiser is a lasagna dinner that raises $500. You will have to work very hard only to get 2% of the vote. But if you work hard enough, you do eventually win.

When I wrote my book, The precinct captain’s guide to political victory, I included long sections specific to the Green Party. I honestly don’t know what makes more sense, take over and revive the Democratic party, or join the Green Party and build it into a viable political party. So I decided it was best to leave that decision to the individual reader and give them the information they need to be effective.

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