The graph the Green Party needs

The Green Party needs its answer to this now famous graph of the decline of the Democratic Party. The rap against the Green Party is that they don’t win elections. Well, neither does the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is not controlled by people interested in winning elections. They are interested in controlling the Democratic Party for the benefit of the donor class. Any progressive who manages, in spite of all this, to win their election, is sidelined as much as possible. Ordinary voters are not yet willing to come to grips with this, but more and more people are looking for alternatives.

We know this because some Green candidates are winning their elections. We are also seeing the Green Party’s share of the vote increase. So we need four graphs demonstrating our growth. One chart showing the increase of elected officials since 2008, another showing the overall growth of the Green vote, a third chart showing the growth of chapters of the Green Party and growth of membership since 2008, and a fourth chart showing the growth in chapters and membership since November 3, 2016. Seen as a total of the national vote we are still very small, but seen in terms of the velocity of our recent growth, our increasing appeal is obvious. Human beings are social animals. If ordinary Americans could see a visual demonstration in the growth of popular support for the Green Party, they would be more inclined to join.

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