Trump, Russia, the CIA, NSA, Dept. of Defense, #NationalSecurityFAIL

Initially I was skeptical of allegations that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election. I took it as a deflection from the very damaging revelations of the Wikileaks story of the DNC and Podesta email leaks that documented what everyone knew, that the DNC rigged the primary for Clinton and that the celebrity press corps was complicit. After the election I did not read any of the Trump-is-a-Russian-tool stories because they were all based on anonymous sources, and I don’t trust anonymous sources.

However, I could not help but notice that Trump called Putin right after the election, before he set up his transition team, or talked with anyone in the Obama administration. That, by itself, was very suspicious. Then Trump began to make one Russia-friendly appointment after another. Then it was reported that a Russian intel officer, cybersecurity investigator was arrested for possible treason. Most suspicious of all, Bannon was put on the National Security Council at the expense of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Whoever heard of putting a political hack on the NSC, and why would you exclude the Joint Chiefs? Speaking only for myself, it is impossible to dismiss the possibility that the Russians have indeed lucked into putting their tool in the White House.

Which raises the question, where has our intelligence community been all this time? If there had been improper contacts between Trump, members of his family, and/or his campaign, and persons in the Russian government, that should have been picked up by signal intelligence, also known as the NSA. Improper contacts made in Russia should have been picked up by the CIA, how could they not know about this if it was going on?

As for the FBI, whose has the job of counter-espionage on American soil, well their hatred of Clinton may have led them to turn a blind eye to what Trump and his campaign were doing. It would not be the first time a Clinton hater at the FBI betrayed our country.

But lets get back to the NSA/CIA/DoD complex, or the blob as they are sometimes called. Why do we have them? If this really happened it would be the biggest security FAIL since 9/11. They should have made a full report to Obama in January of 2016 and he should have made a full report to the American people. If such things are going on, we have a right to know. So why is it only coming out now in drips and drabs? We spend billions of dollars on intelligence and defense operations. They failed to protect us on 9/11. It appears that they failed to prevent the Russians from inserting their tool into the White House. Given these failures, why don’t we scrap the CIA, the NSA, and drastically reduce the DoD? Because clearly they cannot or will not protect us.

One thing for sure, if Trump is indeed a Russian tool, I do not envy his Russian case officer. Once you pull the pin out, Mr. Hand-Grenade is no longer your friend.

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