Wither the Green Party after the election?

Jill Stein has done a great job of getting her name on the ballot in 44 states plus the District of Columbia. She has a theoretical possibility to win. Unless you have ever gathered signatures you have no idea how difficult it is, even for Democrats or Republicans, never mind emergent party candidates. So Stein and her supporters should be very proud of themselves.

At this point the Stein campaign has a first class database of supporters. How will she use that list? Will she share it with local Green Party committees? Will she use it to build local committees?

When I was campaigning for Eugene Puryear I saw first hand how constrained the DC Statehood/Green Party was by the lack database of Green Party supporters.

Now there are ways of running a campaign even without a database, and I go into them in great detail in my book, The precinct captain’s guide to political victory. But it is far easier if you know the names of your present supporters.

Next year New Jersey, Virginia, and Kentucky will have their state legislature up for election. New York, Connecticut, and other states will be holding municipal elections. These are precisely the sort of elections where emergent party candidates have a real chance. These are the sort of elections where voter contact work can count more than money. But only if the local committees have access to the data the Stein campaign has gathered. So, will Jill Stein be making that data available to local Green Party committees? And will she make a priority of getting that data to states with elections in 2017?