Why Wasn’t I Able to Vote?

In 10 years of voting, I’ve never had an issue before.

Walking from my car to go inside and vote

So now you know how I feel going to get my vote on.

When I checked in, the registration book was missing my name.

Mercer County’s List of Registered Voters
Mercer County’s Registered Voters Street List

No one could tell me why.

Conversation with the the folks running the polls

I ended up talking to Daniel, who works for the Board of Elections.

They received a request from Motor Vehicle Commission that I tried to make a change to my voter status, but since there was no signature of approval they, did not process the request.


They did change my status to not registered anymore…

Then why would you change it at all if I didn’t sign off on the change?

What do I do now?

I had to use a preliminary ballot and write my vote in.


I’m pissed now. WTF.

Of course I heard about all that voter fraud and hoops trying to detur people from voting in the news and online. Whenever I read that, I would roll my eyes and move on because I thought it was a bunch of horse crap.

There has be some kind of group of superheros for a problem like this?

Team Captain? League of Extraordinary?

Wait? A league that defends liberty and democracy??

They sound like badasses! Like wicked warriors that have seen the sickest combat, bloodiest battles in history?

Who are these Americans called??


Not as badass as I thought.


The League of Women Voters informed me that they have have received reports that their may be some bugs on in NJ Motor Vehicle’s roll out of a new electronic system for those holding a New Jersey License.

I did have to go back in 2015 and get a new license because I was an idiot and lost it at the bar one drunk night.

A contact who works for Motor Vehicle confirmed (though they wish to remain anonymous) there is a part where it asks if you want to use your personal information for registering to vote on the new system.

Yes OR No

There is no option that says:

I’m already registered to vote. Leave my shit alone


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