Missing Listening Comprehension; Trivialization of Friendships

I find myself more alone when talking to someone else than when I’m talking to myself. My spoken work is mitigated by my inability to socialize and the listener’s inability to comprehend. Socializing has become something that is detrimental rather than beneficial. Today I find myself longing to be alone, left to my own en devours. I am finished trying to malform my thoughts for an audience.

My philosophy on socialization and the method of presenting my thoughts may seem detrimental to being social. In general, this is true. In terms of meaningful relationships, however, I believe this philosophy is best suited. Anyone who is able to understand my unfiltered thought process is much more likely to be a significant part of my life than someone who is not.

Unfortunately, society is ill-equipped to be idealistic. One of the most disappointing consequences is that close friendships are not valued. Close friendships of youth are replaced with marriages and children. Escaping the mob mentality of our society will only bring unhappiness. A sheep purposefully separated from its herd is better off than a black sheep trying to blend in.