The Two Things that will Set You Apart from Most Others

Tips for your New Year’s Resolutions

It is astonishing how little it takes to get farther than most people. As a community college student, I have realized that there are two main things that will put you ahead.

1. Do it in the first place

The first reason why I see so many people fail is because they don’t do what they need to in the first place. If you finish whatever that thing is, you are already going further than most.

2. Do it right

The second reason why I see so many people fail is because they do it wrong. I have overlooked others’ work and it fascinates me how often things are incomplete or wrong.

My advice to anyone is don’t half ass stuff you care or want to care about. Use every resource available (especially the internet), have reliable sources check your work, and don’t leave anything unfinished. On this same note, don’t be afraid to abandon something you’re unsure about. Your time is precious and you will accomplish substantially more putting your time and passion into one thing you care about.