Polly & Wolly: An Alchemical Love Story

Some people say of Polly that it produces the most pleasurable, yet lucid state they’ve ever experienced. Some simply say it’s their favorite. Some even say it’s brought them closer than they’ve ever been to another person, allowing them to fearlessly break down emotional barriers with ease. In early trials, people felt so open and the sex felt so good that it earned the nickname ‘Polly’ partially because it tended to turn people polyamorous, if only for a bit.

What is it?

It is essentially an upgraded ‘ecstasy’ that was engineered to be much less neurotoxic while being more euphoric, longer lasting, more tactile, more clear-headed and less edgy with a beautiful afterglow and no comedown. Polly consists of three molecular components, none of which are scheduled in the United States.

When MDMA was discovered, it defined a beautiful state of ecstasy. Being in this state allows people to work thru enormous amounts of trauma and to connect on much, much deeper levels. MDMA is essentially a blunt instrument that happens to do an incredible job at inducing a magical state. As great as this state may be, however, there is no reason to believe that it is as good as it could be.

One of MDMA’s greatest drawbacks is it’s neurotoxicity. Many believe that this is due to the fact that it depletes your brain’s supply of serotonin because it is both a 5-HT agonist as well as a reuptake inhibitor. Research has concluded however, that a lot of the neurotoxicity can be attributed to the dopaminergic properties of MDMA. This complex profile is what makes it so amazing,

By using multiple compounds to isolate the effectual components of MDMA, it is possible to fine-tune the elements in a way that made it safer and much more effective. A potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor is combined with a low dose of clean seretonergic tryptamine and a low dose of clean long lasting stimulant to create a perfectly pleasurable and optimally safe balance that vastly improves upon MDMA.

In addition to reducing neurotoxicity, reducing the dopaminergic component also leaves one feeling much more content and satisfied with their experience, rather than being left with a sense of unfulfilled desire resulting from the ‘craving’ inherit to more dopaminergic substances such as MDMA.

Subjective experiences

  • Releasing deep-seeded trauma
  • Removing filters and ‘stories’ that would otherwise inhibit intimacy
  • Greatly enhanced results from psychosomatic work
  • Opening of the heart in ways that were not previously considered possible by the user
  • Transcendently amazing sex
  • Bliss

At the risk of sounding biased, I must say that after being a very avid researcher of novel compounds — I have tried no less than 50 different entheogenic substances — in addition to Shamanic medicines such as ayahuasca, san pedro, bufo alvarius (Toad venom) and Kambo frog, I can honestly say that Polly has provided me with deeper, more impactful healing than anything else I’ve tried, aside from one brand new thing…

Introducing: Wolly — ecstasy for the soul.

If Polly could be considered well into it’s Beta testing phase with hundreds of successful use cases, Wolly is brand new and has only been administrated to about a dozen or so people. Whereas Polly was an attempt to redefine and perfect a state that resembles MDMA, Wolly was engineered to be something completely new and different.

By leaving out the serotonergic tryptamine and replacing it with a potent erlocyclohexamine — a relative of ketamine and an NMDA agonist — the feeling of the medicine changes drastically. The result is quite remarkable: the deepest, most soulful, yet lucid state that myself and a few others have ever experienced. The depth and duration of access to this state is unparalleled.

Those that are familiar with other entheogenic substances may be familiar with the ‘soul state’ — a deep, deep sense of knowing and recognition of something cosmic and eternal both inside and outside of ourselves at the same time. It’s a beautiful feeling although it is generally quite fleeting and only lasts for a moment. With Wolly, this state is stabilized and available to for pro-longed visits.

What’s remarkable is how deep the experience is and how little impairment there is. One can be present for a conversation, understanding contextual humor, relating and conversing just fine in one moment, then close their

Part of my inspiration for creating Wolly was feeling underwhelmed by my experiences with Ayahuasca. I had a beautiful intention and hope for what ayahuasca could be for me, and after sitting with multiple (and highly experienced) shamans, I was consistently disappointed. Although I’ve witnessed it’s power first hand, profoundly affecting the lives of many around me, it has yet to impact in the ways I had hoped. If I had a month to go to Peru and truly dedicate myself to this medicine and experience, I feel I may be able to break thru, however, despite my deep desire for healing, I don’t have the luxury of being able to take a month off to do so. So, out of the frustration and angst from my experiences with ayahuasca, I developed Wolly.

The result was the single deepest most impactful healing experience of my life. To explain this, I have to explain myself a bit: Being adopted at birth, I have abandonment issues as a result of being taken away from my mother, the person I knew before I even knew I was a person, and given to ‘strangers.’ Although my adoptive parents were very loving and supportive, the trauma of being abandoned by all that I knew as an infant ran deep and wracked havoc on my relationships with myself and others.

One day… I took Wolly by myself, and was able to re-experience my birth in the most profound way. I experienced going thru the birth canal, seeing light for the first time, gasping for air, being smacked, crying, taking my first real breaths… As I was experiencing this, I was able to re-parent myself, assuring my tiniest most scared, yet sacred self that everything is okay. I am and will always be loved by this beautiful universe that has provided me with parents who will love me deeper than I may even know how to be loved for years. Where there was once terror and helplessness, I felt comfort and support. What once felt like the greatest betrayal was now a blessing. No words can truly express the depth and impact of this experience. I may forever be moved to tears when I think about it.

I’ve also had tremendous results using it along with psychosomatics and intuitive energy work too help at least one other to address very old trauma from the past thru some kind of age regression. Not enough research has been done to make any conclusions about this, but this medicine may or may not provide a link to the past that could aid people in healing deep wounds from their past.

What are the risks?

The side effects for Polly are rare, and only include nausea and bruxism (jaw clenching.) Both undesirable effects are more common with women, specifically bruxism, often due to a magnesium deficiency.

For Wolly, bruxism appears to be much less likely, and nausea not nearly as common either, however there is a dissociative element in it that could potentially make some less experienced users slightly paranoid without a guide to help them. There is also some small subset of the population (about 5–10% based upon my unofficial observations) that tend to metabolize most arylcyclohexylamines (one of the compounds in Wally) much slower than most people, which can be unnerving if they’re experiencing it for the first time.

What’s next?

The next goal would be familiarizing healers, energy workers, shamans, therapists, love coaches and life coaches with both Polly and Wolly, to determine it’s efficacy in helping others. This medicine has tremendous potential for healing deep trauma, forming connections, breaking thru emotional barriers and healing the soul at depths that may have been previously much more difficult to access.

Much more research and trials need to be done to done on both Polly and Wolly to understand more fully how they work and what potential risks there could be.

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