Welcome, The Pretentious Designer

…along this journey we seem to takes ourselves and make them into something we understand not as better, but superior…

There’s a particular mindset that plagues the design community and proliferates as one becomes more entrenched within the lifestyle. Words such as creator, inventor, and visionary have a high probability of becoming an integral part of a young designer’s identity as momentum carries them forward. The very nature of design is to make something from nothing, and then to make that something, better. But along this journey we seem to take ourselves and make them into something we understand not as better, but superior. Superior to those who surround us without that same common understanding. But is this ok? “Why shouldn’t it”, we make ask ourselves. We are the those who push the boundaries and grasp for the future, bringing with us a new perspective to the present. We are the agents of change and the world is a better place with design. Perhaps it is.

Pretentious Designer is not a contest to the importance of design, it is merely an act of my own self awareness to the mindset, viewpoint, and tendencies gathered while growing a design career in this modern world. I can’t promise the topics covered here will have a greater meaning, but I can guarantee that every topic will be the result of a common behavior seen inside the design profession, a behavior worth discussing.

Welcome, the Pretentious Designer.

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