So this tweet just got me a 12 hour ban from Twitter.

A few concerns.

Firstly at no point was I sharing a conspiracy theory about Bill Gates and the vaccine.

Secondly I was talking about how the vaccine being open source would save lives and apparently Bill Gates has…

Public Transport Isn’t Always A Public Good

One of the topics that comes up repeatedly when considering the post-Covid19 world is rebuilding our infrastructure, in particular our public transport.

Because public transport is a fundamental essential for many working people, it has become something of a sacred belief that mass…

This last election failure cannot, and must not, be the end of the struggle against the Tory Establishment.

However is must be the end of wilfully ignoring the challenges facing the Left.

There is an electoral path to power and change; and there is an activist path to reform. There…

The BBC not fit for purpose, and not fit for the future.

One of the more common complaints in our current political mess is that the BBC is biased to either the Left or the Right. That it is pro Remain or pro Leave with regard to Brexit.

This isn’t…

FSociety from Mr Robot. Not everyone behind the mask is nefarious….

One of the complaints from “Blue Tick’s” (not all) on Twitter is often about how anonymous accounts are allowed. After Facebook cracked down on them, it needs some clarification about why Anonymous accounts matter, and also how it’s possible to tackle anonymous accounts losing that anonymity causes harm.

Firstly let’s…

So as we get closer to Brexit (but not much closer to knowing what’s going on). I just want to tackle the toxic myth of Lexit.

There’s this nonsense idea that we cannot achieve a Socialist transformation of Britain from within the European Union, worse still those who are pushing…

Pretty Hat Machine

Bow down before the one you serve, you’re going to get what you desere.

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