#TakeAKnee Vs. #BoycottNFL Is Vapid Establishment Wedge Politics
Caitlin Johnstone

Democrats have, for decade, found themselves in a comfortable position. Cater to the needs of the powerful and wealthy, doing the bidding of banks and corporations while enacting token legislation every now and then to keep the middle class just happy enough so they keep coming back voting for them. And incidentally that is all we are to them: a source of votes and tsx revenue.

For every dozen pieces of legislation they enacted for the one percent, about one piece of mostly lukewarm legislation has been enacted for the middle class and the poor. They never had to strive to be better, or true reformers, they just had to be a notch above Republicans to get our votes. And we had no choice voting for them since a third party vote was basically just going to be a a vote for the opposing party.

We all saw what they did to Sanders, especially with that undemocratic Superdelegates business. They have alienated and let down their so called constituents so much and for so long, that they all defected and stayed home, thereby helping put a puss/y grabbing, fascist demagogue and white supremacist parasite and hardliner with half her resourced in the White House. Democrats are the reason we have Trump. And so while people argue over kneeling or standing over piece of cloth and things like minimum wage and whether someone gets 15 or 10 an hour, they dont realize that those on top are filling their koffers with millions of dollars each day and at our expense and right under our noses no less. Literally. We support THEIR causes, their war mongering, their corporate subsidies, their xenophobia, bail outs perpetuated by deliberate fraud…we foot the bill and we are expected to be grateful we get to because the alternative are Republicans.

Obama, Clinton, Bush, Cheney and the entire Democratic Establishment — they all helped set up Trump and bring him into the White House. Trump is the inevitable Reptilian, not an anomaly. And now that he is where they help put him. they act clueless and wonder what could have possibly gone wrong.

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