We are all wonderfully and specially made, for different reasons, times and seasons, with different ideas, dreams and destinies, into different families, neighborhoods and social levels, and with different abilities, likes and inabilities. So, with all these, it means there can just be a you, a single you.

There is that problem which only you has the solution to, that need which only you can meet, that life which only you can touch in a dynamic way, and that feat only you can achieve.

Despite our unique and distinct features, many still fail in life, and that’s because they try to imitate others. They want to talk, behave, even smile and cough like that particular person, some do it in the name of ‘role model’, others because they just have this admiration for such person, but where does all these mostly end up?

In the course of imitation, many forget they are different beings on different paths, heading to different destinations, and go off their path joining the other’s. They stop thinking and start photocopying thoughts, actions, beliefs and words, and sooner or later, fall into related troubles, realize they can’t continue, go back to the scratch, find another person, and start off with the whole process again.

Have you once been in these shoes or still are, are you someone who cares about what people say of you, making decisions because they said so, someone others think for, someone who doesn’t have a say for yourself? If you are, just stop and realize that after the party, the crowd goes, and the celebrant is left alone to foot the bills of whatever expenses he inquired.

Discover yourself, know your mission and plan towards it, learn from people, don’t just copy. Life’s an exam, and we all have different question papers, so why on earth do people just run off copying?

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