The Tragic End of Farmer Adam and the Death of Dreams

The cock crow roused him from sleep
It’s another day to work
In anticipation of a bountiful harvest
He muttered some prayers as the heavy rain pounded the roofing sheets
The early morning downpour is a blessing
But also a motivation for a lazy day

Good enough the rain soon stopped
There’s a lot to do in the farm
He trekked the miles with a smile
His routine for years
This is his life
The sweat is sweet for the harvest

The thought of the coming harvest made him smile
But the mounting responsibilities made him frown
There’s a lot to do for his household
The next month’s harvest will pay some debts
There are leaking roofs to replace
His first daughter will marry
And there is tuition fee to pay for his undergraduate son

But he had every reason to be thankful
God had been kind to him
The harvest would be bountiful
The signs were there to see

The lonely path soon became busy
Other farmers joined on the same voyage
Each carrying his farm implements
Mostly a hoe and a cutlass
They bantered and laughed
And talked about the coming harvest;
But like Adam
They had their worries-
The responsibilities awaiting them

Soon they went their separate ways
Each hailing the other
The day’s work would end in the evening
They would meet again on their way home
And for their rendezvous to unwind with palm wine back at home

The lush green vegetation of his farm made him smile
The bountiful crops are the reward of his sweat
He set about the day’s duties
Lost in his own world
Gaily whistling as he worked

Evening came very quickly
Some of his farmer friends were there waiting
Time to call it a day
He turned around
To see the unbelievable
The invasion of his farm:
A herd of cattle
Like a swarm of bees

What ensued is a gory tale
The bloody fight attracted other farmers
They put up a good fight
But stood no chance against the rampaging herdsmen-
Their swords- smoking with bloody execution
Bathed the farmers in reeking wounds
And their A.K 47
Completed the murderous act

None of those men returned home that day
Their lifeless bodies lay across the wasted field
That was once Adam’s farm
The heavy rain that fell thereafter
Flooded the field with blood

Dreams die daily for dudes
For the farmer victims of the herdsmen
Today was the death of theirs
And also for their daughters
Their sons
Their wives
And their many dependants

Wasted effort
Wasted dreams
Needless deaths
Mere statistics
For reference in dingy discussions in government circles

An owl hovering over the village was the purveyor of the bad news
Its shrieking sound pierced the cold and dreary night
Soon the village was ablaze with the tragic news
Wondering what sort of fate had befallen them
Villagers wailed and mourned the dead

What a sad day for Adam and his farmer friends!
In the morning, the cock crow roused them
In the evening, the shriek of an owl bade them farewell

As for the herdsmen
The deed was done
Onward to pastures fresh
None brings them to justice
They live to kill another day
And so long their cattle are fed
Wouldn’t matter at what or whose expense

Photo credit: Eyitayo