Going Home to Home…

He clutches my hand tight,

Presses it harder and harder,

Tears roll down his freshly shaved cheeks,

He seems to be departing;

Lines are becoming scanty,

And time is running an olympics race;

Goodbyes have been bade farewell,

And with every step he crosses over to the other line;

17 and introvert, my brother dared;

Flew five thousand four hundred and ninety eight point five miles,

To show life

That he can endure every separation, forget all pain, defeat bad weather, adjust to culture, stay away,

And still

Smile with confidence till it reaches his eyes;

Like him, I go,

He gave me the strength to fight the unknown,

Except who knows, what awaits the known,

The monstrous dragons or big heavy giants,

But like Hagrid said to Harry,

My unicorns tell me,

They are only dangerous if you see them so;

With this I know,

It is time for me to go,

Harry in one hand and Charlie (from the chocolate factory) in the other,

Leave behind my parents empty eyes and my homes lonely rooms,

Only to return back and fill them with millions and gallons of joy and happiness;

His time had come and he had flown,

Mine is near and I need to fly,

Create heights far beyond,

After all,

I am just four thousand one hundred and sixty two point three miles away from home,

Going to create another home!