Don’t Be Clueless

Do you think it’s no big deal to get an ID to vote?

Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

Scenario 1: You don’t own a vehicle and must take public transportation.

Scenario 2: So what? Go on Saturday.

Scenario 3: You have a car.

Scenario 4: You are 73 years old.

Scenario 5: How do you find out where to go to get the necessary ID?

Scenario 6: You finally find the right web site. What do you need to get the ID?

Two pages of requirements for getting a photo ID for voting

Is a voter ID requirement a literacy test?

Is a voter ID requirement a poll tax?

Does a voter ID requirement suppress votes?

Retired IT pro, BA Philosophy, small business owner since 2003, bleeding heart liberal, recurring MDD sufferer, & proud mom of a brilliant queer woman.

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