For readers who don’t remember: “both sides” are not to blame

All flags should be at half staff for the death of our democracy. Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

Friends and family on social media, and sometimes even the professional media, blame both political parties for the divisiveness in the United States. This is a false equivalence.

The source of the divisiveness in our government is the Republican party and the Republican party alone. They started it in earnest…

God’s little creatures are amazing!

Pam’s arrangement of the old nest parts to simulate the actual nest. Photo by author

When we last saw our wasp nest, it looked like the picture above. If it’s not self-explanatory, you can check out the wasp nest story here:

Mary Chang Story Writer suggested that it would be a great educational tool, so I contacted our school district to see if any teacher…


Timing is everything

Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

When my daughter, Mandy, turned two, my mother decreed that it was time to start potty-training her.

After all, my mother’s sister set the example by holding her infant children over the toilet when she thought they were going to pee or poop. Imagine that, dangling your tiny baby over…

A tale of mended twat and taint

Happy hoo-hah licensed by the author from Shutterstock

In May 2020, my local hospital was performing elective surgeries again after a pandemic surge, so I finally went under the knife. And here I am to share my adventure with surgery to repair the inside of my hoo-hah. Who knew there was even such a surgery?

If you haven’t…

Learn how to find out so you don’t get scammed.

Screenshot of an email I received

We’ve all gotten them, the email that says our order has shipped, or our bank account is locked, or our credit score has changed, or we’ve won a sweepstakes, or any one of hundreds of emails we get.

But how do you know if these emails are the real deal…

An IT Boomer Rant

To hell in a handbasket!

My bank’s instructions for their online banking conversion. Bank name has been redacted to avoid a lawsuit.

A small regional bank notified users that it is implementing a new online banking system.

I use Quicken, so I got instructions from them on how to convert my account to the new bank system. The introduction to those instructions is in the image above. …

What’s next?

Next, I guess I start with a blank page. Photo by author

I can’t stop thinking about working.

I want to do some good.

I’m a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS). That means I have experienced mental illness and been trained to work with other mentally ill people. I want to go back to working as a peer specialist. There are a couple…

I don’t think it means what you think it means

This is Charlotte with the cauliflower ear. We rescued her from a bad situation.

I get a little worked up when people call their animals “rescues.”

I am very happy that the people who prattle on about their rescues did not buy their animals from a pet store or breeder.

But they didn’t rescue their pets. They adopted them after all their health problems…

Why I think it’s ok to eat plants but not farmed animals

A field of corn, partially harvested. Photo by author.

I don’t push my vegetarianism in anybody’s face; I just don’t eat animals.

When I’m at a restaurant, I don’t order animals. If I have to, I’ll just make a meal out of a couple of appetizers. Or I’ll order a Reuben sandwich without the meat. It still has sauerkraut…

My mother’s life taught me how not to live

My gorgeous mother

They say that actions speak louder than words. This was true in my life. Mom’s words tried to teach me one thing, but her life taught me another.

Mom’s early life

My mother was born in 1916. She grew up in a house without indoor plumbing; the bathroom was an outhouse and the…

Prickly Pam

Retired IT pro; BA Philosophy; auto repair shop owner; bleeding heart liberal; vegetarian; recurring MDD sufferer; proud mom of a brilliant queer woman.

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