With PrimaFacie and Clio, your practice will be fast. Like two cats on a moped.

PrimaFacie is designed to make the life of the Immigration Attorney easier. With the recent results of the US Election, Immigration is going to continue to be a hotly debated political topic and managing your law practice is going to be that much more important. It is time to abandon your old ways of managing your practice. I am surprised to see how many attorneys still rely on their paper files for storing their client information. I am also surprised to see how many immigration attorneys are still manually filling all their forms. (I understand why…the options available have been lackluster until now.)

Here is something to consider, though. Costs are going up. Wages (you have to pay employees) are going up. Health care costs are increasing. Costs of running your practice and building a livelihood are ever increasing. These are some things you cannot just escape. You need the right tools to do the job well. You need to create efficiencies in your practice so you can handle more happy clients.

PrimaFacie helps by eliminating double data entry through syncing with Clio (www.goclio.com), and by then utilizing Clio’s API to automate other tasks like scheduling, advertising and marketing. Maybe part of your plan for cutting costs is implementing a remote receptionist, this is integrated easily with Clio.

The main emphasis with immigration now seems to be building walls. Your practice needs to have an infrastructure in place, strong enough to help bring in mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, spouses, children, refugees, asylum seekers and others fleeing poverty and harm. The next 4 years will prove to be challenging, so make sure your firm is ready to meet the challenges with the right tools.

Here are some tools PrimaFacie has to keep you on top of your cases.

  1. Autofilling USCIS, EOIR, and ICE forms.
  2. USCIS Case Status Tracking.
  3. Priority Date Tracking
  4. Case Checklists
  5. Case Flow Lists
  6. 2-way synchronization of data with Clio.

Here are some features PrimaFacie is developing to help ensure you have the right tools at your disposal.

  1. I-94 Travel History Tool. Due to be released before the end of November 2016, you will be able to obtain your client’s travel history from the CBP’s I-94 website. Enter the passport information and you will be able to obtain and store the I-94 directly in PrimaFacie.
  2. We recently implemented our enhanced data for auto-fill. Now you can store multiple addresses, address history, employment history and education history.
  3. Data importation tools. We can now help you save your data from INSZoom, LawLogix, E-Immigration and others. You should not have to lose years of data when moving to a newer system.
  4. Automated Alerts. We are developing an alert system to notify you when documents are going to expire or important deadlines are approaching.
  5. Client Portal. We envision the client portal as being a secure place for the client to upload documents, complete questionnaires and review forms prepared by the attorney. It will also be the clients main point of contact for automated case updates.

The next 4 years promise to be full of changes and challenges in regards to immigration. Ensure that your firm has the right tools to be efficient, accurate and prosperous in the years ahead.