NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Its down to the business end of the season, with two weeks now remaining a lot is on the line as teams fight for divisional titles and wild card berths. A few more teams bit the bullet over the weekend while a couple of results confirmed genuine contenders and raised question marks over potential threats. And Cam Newton- he took it to another level becoming the first player to throw for 300 yards, rush 100 yards and throw 5 touchdowns in one game and all but locked in his MVP candidacy.

  1. Carolina Panthers (14–0) [0] — Another week, another win. The only real concern was the way they let the Giants back into the game after a flying start.
  2. New England Patriots (12–2) [0] — Got the job done against the lowly Titans without really stretching themselves. Still have another gear or two and will need them to make it to the big dance.
  3. Arizona Cardinals (12–2) [0] — Put on a dominant display in Sunday Night Football against the mid running Eagles and are right on the Pats tail for the number two spot. Are timing their run well and look like a genuine contender.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals (11–3) [0] — Did enough to beat the lowly 49ers but didn’t overly impress. Will need to find more than that if they are to threaten throughout the playoffs.
  5. Seattle Seahawks (9–5) [+1] — Got the job done against the lowly Browns but similar to a couple of sides above, will need to step it up against fellow contenders to be a genuine contender themselves.
  6. Green Bay Packers (10–4) [+1] — Chalked a win against a well performed Raiders side but I’m still not 100% convinced they are the real deal yet. Will have their credentials tested in the final two weeks with match ups against the Cardinals and Vikings.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers (9–5) [+1] — Put in a very solid display this week, and were for mine probably the best performed side of the week. Will throw a real spanner in the works if they follow their form line and snag a wild card play off berth.
  8. Kansas City Chiefs (9–5) [+1] — Put the Ravens to the sword, however unfortunately poor early-mid season form is most likely going to cost them a divisional title but it means they will scrap for a wild card spot.
  9. Denver Broncos (10–4) [-4] — Were beaten by the Steelers and see themselves fall four spots, are still in the box seat for a divisional win but have quite possibly cost themselves a first week bye in the play offs.
  10. New York Jets (9–5) [0] — Another solid win, however results around them mean the Jets are still sitting in the same spot they have held for the last couple of weeks. Are seriously facing the prospect of missing the playoffs even with double digits in the win column. Really need a win against the Patriots next week.
  11. Minnesota Vikings (9–5) [0] — Absolutely smashed the Bears and kept their play off hopes in a strong position. Are still a chance to knock off Green Bay for the division title with their Week 17 match up shaping up as a likely decider.
  12. Houston Texans (7–7) [+4] — Scored a massive result, beating divisional rival the Colts, giving themselves a one game lead in the race for the division and a hand in the tie breaker.
  13. Washington Redskins (7–7) [+5] — With a win and other results took an outright lead in their division, and now sit in the box seat to claim the play off berth on offer.
  14. Atlanta Falcons (7–7) [+5] — Bounced back from their scoreless display against the Panthers with a win over a lacklustre Jacksonville. Aren’t really in the hunt for a playoff berth and are simply providing nuisance value for the final weeks.
  15. Buffalo Bills (6–8) [-3] — Well off the pace and din’t put up nearly enough resistance against the Redskins, time to start looking at aiming for Superbowl 51.
  16. New York Giants (6–8) [-3] — Are only a game off the lead of their division but face a tough test to be any shot of winning it and need results to all fall their way from here. I still think they will be a first week exit if they scrape their way in to the play offs.
  17. Oakland Raiders (6–8) [-2] — Dropped the result to the Packers, are out of the play off race but have certainly exceeded many expectations this year.
  18. Philadelphia Eagles (6–8) [-4] — Were smashed by the Cardinals in Monday Night Football, has cruelled their play off hopes and now need the Redskins and Giants results to go their way.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6–8) [-2] — Lost to the Rams in what just confirmed their play off hopes that were mathematical are now non existent.
  20. Indianapolis Colts (6–8) [0] — Were fortunate to not fall any places thanks to other results around them, unfortunatley their division title hopes didn’t hold the same fate and they now find themselves behind the 8 ball after sitting in the box seat for the majority of the season.
  21. St Louis Rams (6–8) [+3] — Got the result against the Buccaneers but too little too late for their playoff hopes. They certainly should be now looking to 2016.
  22. Detroit Lions (5–9) [+4] — Chalked win up against the Saints on the road. They started the season poorly but have had a good back end to the year, however left their run too late.
  23. Jacksonville Jaguars (5–9) [-2] — Lost by two field goals to the hit and miss Falcons, their season thus far has been pretty solid considering the low bar many set for them with many pundits not considering Blake Bortles a starting strength quarterback.
  24. Chicago Bears (5–9) [-2] — Were comprehensively beaten by the Vikings. A mid season revival had the Bears looking like getting within striking distance of the play offs, but another stumble has seen them fall well off the pace late in the year.
  25. New Orleans Saints (5–9) [-2] — Lost to an improved Lions side, many would say they have thus far under performed and should have at least reached the magical 0.500 mark for their season to be consider anything but a failure.
  26. San Diego Chargers (4–10) [+4] — A strong win against Miami put them on the move in the right direction, but they have lost too many close games this season that based on pure offensive and defensive stats they should have won.
  27. Miami Dolphins (5–9) [-2] — Looked impressive after a new coach took over early in the year, but they have fallen back on the ways that got their previous coach sacked in the back end of the season to fall down the rankings.
  28. Baltimore Ravens (4–10) [-1] — Put to the sword by Kansas City Chiefs, just a further nail in the coffin that is their season. Have been one of the most disappointing sides this season.
  29. Dallas Cowboys (4–10) [-1] — Have had a tough year with starting quarterback Tony Romo being M.I.A. for most of the season as well as starting without star receiver Dez Bryant. Time to start looking at 2016.
  30. San Francisco 49ers (4–10) [-1] — Another week another loss, watching them play it it sometimes surprising they have chalked four wins. A team in disarray.
  31. Tennessee Titans (3–11) [0] — A loss to the Patriots just adds further insult to what has been a dire season, there have been glimpses of promise though and 2016 looks like it will be an improvement on 2015.
  32. Cleveland Browns (3–11) [0] — The Browns have endured a season they would rather forget to this point, they haven’t been able to settle on a quarterback with their options performing inconsistently or in Johnny Manziel’s case far too consistently off the field.
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