November at Primas

Technology development


  • Made creating groups easier and more customizable;
  • Added lots of features to help manage groups;
  • New-look homepage;
  • Added token pre-locking features;
  • Tested usability of Alibaba Cloud Device Risk SDK;
  • Added QR scanning previews and the ability to see drafts;


  • Made creating groups easier and more customizable, also now deletable;
  • “Pin” function added to groups;
  • Articles now display authorship and path from original source;
  • Added token pre-locking features;
  • Joining groups now updates previous sent articles;
  • Optimized list loading speeds and data caching on the loading screen;
  • Added mobile unbinding function;
  • Added lots of features to help manage groups;

Primas Node

  • Upload Primas Node data to DTCP Server;
  • DTCP send queue development;
  • Developed queuing for signature sending;
  • Primas Node user and group data batch sending to the DTCP;
  • Primas Node data synchronization development completed;
  • Primas Node multi-node synchronization test;
  • Primas Node internal node deployment and migration of data;
  • Completed synchronization of data development;
  • Migrated Primas Node;

Project Progress

1. On November 8th, the Primas team held talks with the head of Krypto Seoul and the head of in Korea to discuss development plans in Korea.

2. On November 9th, Primas held a meetup in Korea attended by hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts, investors, research institutes and university personnel from all over Korea. In attendance, Co-founder and Vice President of Global Business, Kitty Lan revealed to the audience: “Korea is one of the most important markets in Primas’ global development strategy with the community offline and online on Kakaotalk and the Primas Naver already established and growing. Our Korean team has been assembled and we have reached strategic partnerships with some local Korean teams. We firmly believe that Korea stands to benefit greatly from the quality we can provide.”

3. On November 15, Primas co-founder and CEO Oliver Wu was invited by Prof. Li Guoquan from the Business School of Shangyue Social Sciences (SUSS) to attend the Singapore Inclusive Financial Technology Summit. At the roundtable forum, Oliver took part in the Inclusive Blockchain: Distributing Trust & Wealth discussion alongside Singaporean political veteran and former MP Yang Muguang.

4. The Primas Japan team continued to pursue BD objectives, holding talks with Sony Education, KPMG and other companies to explore and promote the practical application of blockchain in Japan.

Community Progress

Chinese Community

  1. The Polaris community invited outstanding authors Ah Q and Little pug to share their pieces “Paying for knowledge on Primas” and “Blockchain — linking virtual with reality” with the community.
  2. On November 4th, Primas participated in a small “screenplay killing” event in Shanghai.
  3. On the evening of November 23, the Primas Polaris community invited Ding Ming Finance Chairman and AMT Community & VNS promoter Gao Dongliang to share “The Value of Wisdom — Blockchain Drives Community Economy” with the community.

International Community

1. On Nov 16th the Primas team was joined in our office by four of our American community ambassadors. The group spent the day talking about the future of the Primas community and laid plans for further expansion into the US market.

2. Kakaotalk official page, group chat and Naver official blog opened to connect with out Korean community members. Already with 180 members in the group chat and 60 posts on the blog so far including Korean translation of the Primas Whitepaper.

3. Began the first Primas official Weekly Quiz event on November 26th within the Korean community, will be posting a new quiz question every Monday with prizes to be won.