Introducing the Primate Social Society’s Silverback Utility Program

How’d you like extra utility and value from your PSS holdings?

The Silverback program is our way of creating utility for members and future members of the Primate Social Society.

By “sacrificing” five of your apes, you can mint one Silverback. Your Silverback is a brand-new NFT with exclusive benefits and utility inside the PSS ecosystem (more on this below).

Why mint a Silverback? What’s the utility you get?

There are three primary reasons to sacrifice your apes to mint a Silverback:

First and foremost, the Silverbacks are a whole new NFT line with brand-new art. Who doesn’t want that?

Second, loot, utility… aka SILVER tokens. You’ll find an overview of how SILVER works below.

Third, breeding. You’ll find more information on breeding below. First, lets cover SILVER.

How SILVER tokens work

Each Silverback will generate a set amount of SILVER tokens each day. You can use SILVER to breed babies, change the name of your Silverback or Apes, update their bios, and a whole lot more.

Keep in mind, these are just some of the first uses of SILVER. We’re going to continue to build out SILVER utility based on community feedback and ideas. Stay on the lookout for feedback questions in the PSS Discord.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much SILVER you get from a Silverback?

“We knew you would ask”

The answer is 10 SILVER tokens every day.

So, if you have one Silverback, you will earn 10 Silver every day. If you have two, you’ll earn twenty, and so on. As of now, there is no limit on how many Silverbacks you can own.

However, the original minter of a Silverback will earn 10% of the SILVER tokens the Silverback earns, for life. Yes, even if you sell.

So, each day a Silverback creates 11 tokens, 1 to the minter and 10 to the holder.

Alright, that’s the overview of how SILVER works. Next up, breeding.

How breeding works

For 600 SILVER, any two Silverbacks can breed and create a baby. This baby is another brand-new NFT with unique art.

Before you ask about gender, we have decided to keep our Silverbacks gender-neutral… they will not have male or female designations.

Your baby’s traits are chosen randomly based on a basic genetic model. Let’s look at an example:

  • 25% chance to receive a trait from Silverback A
  • 25% chance to receive a trait from Silverback B
  • 25% chance to receive a trait from any of the traits of the sacrificed Apes used to create Silverback A
  • 25% chance to receive a trait from any of the traits of the sacrificed Apes used to create Silverback B

Also, by looking at the meta-data of your baby, you’ll be able to trace the lineage of your baby all the way back to the parents and the original 10 Ape sacrifices.

Breeding will not be available as soon as Silverbacks are released. This is a Phase 2 rollout as the art still needs to get completed. But here is a sneakpeak!

So Adorable!

How do you get a Silverback?

To get a Silverback and start earning tokens, you must sacrifice five PSS Apes.

Will you get them back? As of now, no. We’re discussing resurrection, but that’s a ways off. No promises at all.

Your Silverback will have a random assortment of traits from the apes you sacrifice.

Put simply, your Silverback will have a 20% chance of having any given trait from the five Apes you sacrifice. So, If you REALLY want a certain trait, sacrifice a lot of Apes with it. If all five have the same trait, your Silverback will too.

You want a Silverback with a cyborg eye? Get five PSS Apes with cyborg eyes and sacrifice them.

You want a Silverback with a cowboy hat? Get five PSS Apes with cowboy hats and sacrifice them.

This feature gives you more control over the appearance of the Silverback you mint.

“Blue Eyes, Panda Hats, Can’t Lose”

When can you mint a Silverback?

Our target release for minting a Silverback is in about two weeks: the week of November 15th.

This first release will not include artwork as the one-and-only Knifebebe is still completing it. You will only be able to mint your Silverback… which will be unrevealed until we release the artwork. However, you will be able to see the pool of traits from the apes sacrificed, so you can see what your silverback may have.

Why mint a Silverback before the art is released?

Your unrevealed Silverback will begin earning SILVER tokens at a rate of 1 SILVER per day until the art is released. If you mint immediately, you’ll be one of the first to start earning SILVER.

What’s the benefit of that?

Well, we can’t promise this will happen with SILVER, but when CyberKongz $BANANA was released it was worth about $2. As of this writing, one $BANANA is worth ​​$47.72. We’ll let you do the math on that. You can check $BANANA history on CoinGecko.

When will Silverback art get released?

Our target for the art reveal and low-level SILVER token use is the week of November 29th.

This release should include the ability to spend SILVER to change a name and update your Silverback’s bio. The art release WILL NOT include the release of breeding.

Other Silverback FAQs

Are Silverbacks capped?

There is not a limit in the contract, however, since it takes five original PSS to create one Silverback, at most there can only be 2000 Silverbacks.

Are babies capped?

We are still discussing this. Sit tight!

What happens if I only have one Silverback? Can I still make a baby?

Yes, you will be able to make a baby by “renting” someone else’s Silverback. We’ll release more information on this as we get closer to the release of the babies.

When will you release more SILVER functions?

Our target release of more uses of SILVER is mid-December. We’d like to source these uses and ideas from the PSS community, so please be on the lookout for our surveys!

When will breeding and babies get released?

The target for babies and the breeding program is the end of December, holidays permitting (and maybe featured).

DISCLAIMER: SILVER is a utility token for the Primate Social Society ecosystem. It is NOT an investment & has NO inherent economic value. 1 SILVER=1 SILVER.

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