MEXC Research: GameFi Project CropBytes (CBX) Market Analysis

1. Project Introduction

CropBytes is a chain game that came out in 2018. It integrates farming, strategy, and role-playing. There are three main characters in the game: farmer, trader, and owner. …

Market analysis of cross-chain decentralized order book transaction protocol Serum (SRM)

1、 Project introduction

Serum is a cross-chain decentralized transaction protocol of the Solana ecosystem based on order book. It is mainly launched by Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX.

Therefore, Serum can be regarded as a decentralized “FTX”. The market…

Market Analysis of the Decentralized Identity Social Network, BrightID (BRIGHT)

1. Project Introduction

BrightID is a decentralized, anonymous social identity network. It solves the problem of identity uniqueness by creating and analyzing social graphs. Users can prove their unique identity to the application through BrightID. There are no multiple accounts…

Solana Ecosystem’s Yield Farming Aggregator Optimizer protocol, Solyard (YARD) Market Analysis

  1. Project Introduction

Solyard is a yield farming aggregator optimizer protocol that efficiently manages user’s SPL tokens and automatically generates profits for users’ SPL capital for 7*24 hours.

Solyard’s intelligent strategy for automatic compound interest eliminates the need for users…

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