NFT & Staking Mechanics


Welcome to the explanatory post about how NFTs and Prime Numbers staking will work.

Our collection consists of 4111 NFTs, of which 4096 are generative and 15 are handmade.


The first 15 Prime Numbers will consist of handcrafted images from our Art Director, a famous artist. They are creative paintings that each represent one of the first 15 prime numbers. The handmade Prime Numbers have a fixed price, are unique, and will never again be minted.


The artwork of our generative NFTs consist of the following elements:

  • a prime number
  • sensual vegetation
  • a geometric figure
  • a feminine shape
  • futuristic background lines
  • A background color fade with complementing colors

The prime numbers will be generated at minting time sequentially, starting at the 16th prime number up to the 4111th prime number. Each generated number is unique and will be minted only once, ever.

The art elements behind the number-graphic each have 8 variations all with a different rarity that has a certain chance of being randomly chosen.

The following chances are assigned to the different rarities:

This makes 8⁵ = 32768 different combinations possible, meaning many of the combinations will not be minted, and the uniqueness factor of the minted NFT’s will be very high.

Each generative NFT will be unique, and there will be no others like it.

The Generative NFTs will increase in price as more get minted. We want to reward early minters by getting a better price, however we ensure the curve is not too punishing for later participants.

NFTs Rarity

The NFTs in our collection each have their own global rarity. We explained in the previous chapter how each of the segments of the NFT have their own rarity, combining the rarity of the segments determines the overall rarity of the NFT. Each rarity grants an increasing base multiplier when you are staking.

Next we explain how the rarity of each part of the NFT is calculated.

With the probability explained above, we take the 5 parts with their different rarities.

For example:

  • sensual vegetation → Mythic (7)
  • a geometric figure → Epic (5)
  • a feminine shape → Legendary (6)
  • futuristic background lines → Rare (4)
  • A background color fade with complementing colors → Godly (8)

We do the following calculation: (7 + 5 + 6 + 4 + 7) / 5 = 5.8

We round up. Then our rarity will be Legendary (6).

Once the form of obtaining the rarity and how unique these NFTs are has been created, you can see below the table in which the multiplier that each NFT carries is detailed.

You can increase these percentages with the information we share below.

Staking system with NFTs

We present to you our revolutionary staking system featuring NFTs.

In order to earn various rewards with Prime Numbers, such as a portion of the NFT royaltees, the NFT reward mechanism and ingame rewards, you will need to stake your $PRNT tokens. This does not happen in an ordinary way however, when we stake at Prime Numbers, as we are an NFT project, we stake inside the NFTs. This means your staked tokens will give an intrinsic value to the NFT and can be traded along with the NFT on any NFT marketplace as a packaged deal. The tokens can be recovered from the NFT at any point in time by “breaking open” the NFT which is then destroyed in the process.

When we stake our tokens in the NFT, it will gradually level up. There is a maximum potency that we can stake on a daily basis, so we have to repeat this process on a regular basis, not more than once a day, however the potency accumulates for 3 days, so we do not have to stake daily but can still achieve the maximum level-up velocity.

Using NFT Royalty Standard, NFT holders will receive 50% percent of all royaltees on resales. Since the royaltees percentage is set at 5% this means 2.5% of the sales price of each sold NFT is distributed over all NFT holders. Your share depends on the multiplier of your NFT which is based on both its level and its rarity.

The higher your level and the more rarity you have the more reward you will get.

One of the $PRNT token rewards will be an airdrop of $PRNT tokens into the NFTs. We will airdrop 10000 $PRNT into the NFTs every month for a period of 3 years. Resulting to a total of 360.000 $PRNT taken from the foundation’s reward pool. These NFTs upon receiving the tokens will level up from this. The airdrop will be factored based on the amount of $PRNT inside the NFT.


For all the participants in our sales, we have a surprise. Everyone participating in the presale or earlier and holding the received tokens at least till time of minting will receive an exclusive OG NFT. These NFTs will feature the best reward multiplier possible and will never again be minted making them a truly unique reward to the early supporters of the project.

In order to be able to claim the OG NFT, the participant must hold 100% of the $PRNT obtained during the presale until the time of claiming which will be 1 week before the minting of the regular NFTs will start. The participant must stake the $PRNT obtained from the presale into the OG NFT as part of the claiming process. This will increase the level of the NFT directly and the $PRNT can be recovered at any time by destroying the NFT.

Unlike normal generative NFTs that have a bonus multiplier based on their rarity, the OG NFT has a multiplier based on the participation amount in the presale. The greater your participation, the greater the bonus. The OG NFTs can also be leveled like normal NFTs, however they will start at a higher level due the the $PRNT staked in the claiming process.

In addition, our designers are making an exclusive look for the OG NFT, featuring it’s multiplier.

If your pool is 100% completed, you can participate in another pool, with a different wallet, we will combine these amounts so you can go up to a higher level.

If you are going to do this, write us an email to: with the wallets.


After reading the entire post we can get the following conclusions:

Due to our level system, it can be very interesting and rewarding to try to achieve the highest level. Just by actively leveling your NFT you quickly raise in reward multiplier, resulting in a larger slice of the $PRNT pie.

Depending on the rarity of the NFT and it’s level, you can get up to +4x in the rewards.

Presale participants have a unique one time opportunity to quickly level their OG NFT meaning they get a high reward from the get go.

Pre-Sale is open until 12th January!




We sell NFT art to help students. Our NFTs are prime numbers, everyone likes prime numbers. Help students while shopping for art. #BuiltOnXDC #XDC

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Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers

We sell NFT art to help students. Our NFTs are prime numbers, everyone likes prime numbers. Help students while shopping for art. #BuiltOnXDC #XDC

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