PRNT NFTs & Staking Mechanics




  • a prime number
  • sensual vegetation
  • a geometric figure
  • a feminine shape
  • futuristic background lines
  • A background color fade with complementing colors

NFTs Rarity

  • sensual vegetation → Mythic (7)
  • a geometric figure → Epic (5)
  • a feminine shape → Legendary (6)
  • futuristic background lines → Rare (4)
  • A background color fade with complementing colors → Godly (8)

Staking system with NFTs

Total Multipliers


1- $20,000 PRNT Fixed Reward

2- Prime Numbers NFTs Royalties

3- PRIMEPORT.XYZ NFT Marketplace

4- Prime Numbers Finance

How to stake?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are the staking rewards sent?
    Smart-contract send the rewards on the last day of every month.
  • When a person is in the process of leveling up, a rewards drop takes place. Since the rewards drop into the NFT, does that help increase the levels?

Staking Interface Buttons

  • “Staking” Button
    This button is used for stake inside the NFT. This button follows the staking rules. Sometimes you will need a lower amount of the daily max allowed because you need less $PRNT to level up your NFT.
  • “Transfer” Button
    This button is used for transferring NFTs between wallets.
  • “BurnToRedeem” Button
    This button breaks the NFT and takes out all the $PRNT inside the NFT.
    It cannot be reversed, and it will burn your NFT and send all the PRNT to your wallet.
  • “Instant Stake” Button
    This button lets you stake whatever you want, but you pay a 5% fee for the introduced amount if you introduce 10000 $PRNT -> 9500$ PRNT to the stake and 500$ PRNT for the fee.
  • “GetSurplus” Button
    This button takes out the NFT, the balance above 8298 $PRNT.
    To use this button, you need the NFT without interactions the previous 15 days of trying to use “GetSurplus.”
    Interaction = Transfer, Stake





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Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers is a DAO that generates funds for our community through NFTs and DEFI. Prime Numbers are composed of Prime Numbers DAO & Prime Numbers Finance.