Prime Numbers Reward System

In this post, we are going to explain all the rewards of the Prime Numbers ecosystem.


1- $20,000 PRNT Fixed Reward

Formula Staking:
a= total multiplier of the NFT
a = x +y
x= base multiplier [multiplier per rarity of the NFT]
y= added multiplier [multiplier per level of the NFT]

We have found a way to make the rewards fair for everyone:
b= PRNT staked per NFT

10000 $PRNT given to “a” -> [Total Multiplier] of the NFTs
10000 $PRNT given to (“a” * ”b”) -> [(Total Multiplier)*Tokens)]

Link to staking mechanics:

2- Prime Numbers NFTs Royalties

Using NFT Royalty Standard, NFT holders will receive 50% percent of all royalties on resales.

The royalties percentage is set at 10% which means 5% of the sales price of each sold NFT is distributed over all NFT holders.

The funds goes to this wallet: xdc129f3071bDFA4660A8D9E85c57570c839A80658F

3- General NFT Marketplace

Prime Numbers is developing an NFT marketplace with a 1.5% fee.

The fee is 1.5%.
0.5% is for our hired developers to keep the marketplace updated and add more features.

0,75% will go to one of our DAO funds and we will vote on how to spend this money(for example: create new things, products, more Rewards …)

And 0.25% will go to staking rewards. [NFT holders will receive 0.25% percent of all NFTs sales].

4- LP rewards


TOTAL Reward Pool: 240000 $PRNT
Reward per year: 80000 $PRNT
Reward per month: 6666 $PRNT

5- Prime Numbers Finance

Prime Numbers NFTs will receive 40% of Prime Numbers Finance profits.

6- Game Ecosystem Rewards

This will be announced when we have all this part of the ecosystem ready.



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Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers

We sell NFT art to help students. Our NFTs are prime numbers, everyone likes prime numbers. Help students while shopping for art. #BuiltOnXDC #XDC